six years

On Friday, Paul and I celebrated six years together. (We didn't actually do anything since we were in louisiana and we have a new anniversary now, but I still like to celebrate it anyway.)

Some pictures (in reverse order... couldn't get them to post in chronological for some reason and this really bothers me but I will do my best to let it go) over the past 4-5-ish years (no digitals from high school, sorry... I know you all were dying to see those).


Happy Thanksgiving!

We are in Louisiana for Thanksgiving. Had a great lunch with the Jenkins side of the family and soon we are going to celebrate a little at Paul's cousin Betsy's with a bonfire. :)

Tomorrow, Paul and I will have been dating ("officially" haha) for 6 years! Crazy that it's been that many years.

Lots to be thankful for this year, we are so lucky and blessed. Hope everyone has a safe and yummy Thanksgiving!



Here are my favorites from the belly shoot. You can see the rest here.


we're definitely growing

Finally, I'm starting a new blog for our little growing family. I meant to do this ages ago to document the whole process but here I am 30 weeks later... oops!

Yesterday, Brittany came over and took some belly photos for us. (I really wanted some maternity photos but just simple, relaxed, fun and not super cheesy -- no fluffy robes, feather boas and definitely no nudies!) Over the past couple of weeks I've been sending her links to other peoples' pictures that I really liked and she gladly came to Athens and humored me for a day. Have to document the belly! (I am really starting to feel huge. Not too much weight gain to be this far along, which is good. No stretch marks or swelling -- yet.) I'll post some of my favorites from my camera next time but until then you can view most of them by clicking on the slideshow gadget on the right side of our page.

I have my 33 week appointment on Wednesday morning. Sometimes it feels like we've been waiting forever but I also can't believe how little time is left. This little guy is coming!

My dad's side of the family gave us a shower this weekend and we got a lot of things that we really needed to make our first time parenting a little bit easier. The first shower that Becca and Emma gave me was great, too. One thing I've learned over the past few months -- people looove babies! We are so lucky -- our friends and families have been so generous and thoughtful! So much support as we started married life at the same time this process was beginning. We really could not ask for better friends and families!

Since we are obviously not going to be making the trek to Louisiana for Christmas (9 months pregnant in the car for 7 hours... don't think so), we are driving down for Thanksgiving so we can spend time and a holiday with Paul's extended family. Paul thinks the car ride is going to bring on the swelling... I hope not!

Pictures next time!