let's play catch-up

Whew, it's been a while... we've been a little busy.

Let's play catch-up... "fun thing" style (part of my "positive thinking" resolution).

Tuesday... honestly, I can't even remember if I got out of bed on Tuesday, is that bad?

Wednesday: my 6-week post partum appointment. Doesn't sound like a fun thing but I got a lot of things including the o.k. to exercise and... waaait for it... birth control! I love me some Gray Baybay but I have NO desire to be pregnant again anytime soon (though lately I have been missing my G Baby Belly and silently admiring every cute prego belly I see... but that is another blog. And still not enough to make me want another baby right now.).

Thursday... I'll start with the NOT fun thing: my return to work. Boo! Actually, not so bad. The students were all (well, maybe not ALL) excited to see me and we spent the day talking about what they learned, what they've been up to, looking at pictures of Gray (they are all so excited about him... is that weird to you?)... easy day. It was pretty hard to leave in the morning. He was awake when I left and in a sleepy-kind-of smiley-mode so all I wanted to do was curl up with him. But knowing he would be with Paul all day made it a lot easier to go.

Thursday's super fun thing: date night! Paul and I had a big evening in Atlantic Station. My parents were awesome and watched Gray for the evening while we ate quite the delicious meal at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro. Followed by walking through Bodies: The Exhibition. And ending with Kooza under the Cirque du Soleil tent. (!) When I saw the tent, I was filled with an excitement that must rival an MTV Spring Break-er.

Delightfully creepy, yes?

Kooza was pretty much everything I'd hoped for. My favorites acts were Contortion (even more awesome than I'd ever imagined... the way they move and bend is total insanity!), the Unicycle Duo and, of course, the Wheel of Death (this was Paul's favorite, by far). All of it was very cool. Pretty funny, too. I think one of the things they did with Kooza was really bring in a lot of "clowning" which was pretty cute and very entertaining, especially before the show started. I loved it! Totally recommend going if you're looking for a fun night on the town. I was definitely worn down by the time it was over, though. Paul and G went home and I spent the night at my parents to get up for work the next day. I slept for almost six full hours. Uninterrupted. Amen.

Yesterday's fun thing I can't really use for a while... my mom got us the French Beaba Babycook (I told you guys she is awesome)! I don't normally eat baby food but I think now might be a good time to start just so I can unleash my inner baby chef. Ohmygod I want to steam and puree everything in my kitchen. Anybody down for some pureed sweet peas?

And today I just stayed at the house and loved on G all day. He was a little fussy most of the day but I guess he knows I've missed him a lot because this is what I woke up to this morning:
From february 09

He's so awesome.

Posting will probably be less frequent with my return to work but don't worry... my students have already given me some pretty funny material. There is a random student who stops by my room everyday to chat up her BFF before class. Last semester she was always commenting on my belly, how huge it had gotten and wondering when the baby was coming. Yesterday, this was our interaction:

Student: So... have you had your baby yet?
Me: ...seriously?!

I thought I was doing pretty well with the whole post-baby body thing but now I wonder... do I really still look pregnant??


is this what my life looks like?

Paul is at the gym.
Gray is passed OUT in the pack 'n' play.
And I am playing housewife.
Washing G's bottles.
Catching up on blogs between the cooking, washing, folding...
and jamming to T.I. and Justin's "Dead and Gone."

Wait, one of those things is not like the others... 


finger puppets, anyone?

Finger puppets for G! Man, these are a total throwback.

I love them. And, apparently, there is many a website dedicated to puppets and finger puppets for babies. After having Gray, I'm seriously considering a career switch. The baby industry is where it's at. Or at least where all the money's at.

Speaking of money, Old Navy is having a pretty insane sale on almost everything right now (including the puppets pictured above). I could have seriously bought almost everything I saw. But I finally just settled on a top and a pair of pants for my return to work. Work, here I come, whether I like it or not.

Random note... Kooza in four days!

And on another completely random note, I cannot get "La'Saaaaarah!" out of my head today.
Boop boop HOOP YEA!
(above links are not child appropriate)


georgia peeps, i want to know...

During the crazy thunderstorms/tornado warnings/wind/hail... did you make a plan and take cover or did you go outside to watch the action? Or did you do nothing and carry on with whatever you were doing at the time?

When I got the UGA Alert phone call (I still get them even though I'm no longer a student) I turned on the t.v. to watch the weather, got a little bit freaked, took G, G's carseat and some blankets to the downstairs hallway and then went back upstairs for some couch pillows when I couldn't resist... I had to go outside and have a looksie. I came back in five seconds later to continue "sheltering" and even though I could see that my part of the county was pretty much in the clear, I kinda wondered if I was an idiot for doing stepping outside or if I was being too paranoid since I could see that we were back in the green/there was almost nothing at all on the radar over us or the surrounding counties. We got some pretty intense wind with thunder and lightning. One big thunder scared me half to death but G was completely unaffected... he slept through the whole thing! In fact, he slept for about 4.5 hours in one stretch!

Today, G and Stanie had their first official meet and greet... lots of baby gurgles, sniffing, jealous whining and everything...
From february 09

Here's one I caught of Gray mid-sneeze. So cute (maybe my most overused words during the past five and a half weeks)...
From february 09


Update from today's appointment: The films show what looks very characteristic of what's called a carotid body tumor/paraganglioma. They're pretty sure that's what it is but I guess we won't actually know for sure until it's in pathology. Pretty rare but usually benign. Either way it needs to be taken out so they can biopsy it to be sure and also because they can become neurologically active (cause my body to release hormones or it could cause dysphagia... things like that). But because it's on the carotid artery there's obviously a bleeding issue. So... he's referring the situation to a head and neck surgeon at Emory. He couldn't get me in with her until March 12th so I guess it will still be a few weeks before we know what the plan will actually look like. Again, the good news seems to be that if he's right that it's probably a carotid body tumor, they are almost always benign. The not-so-comforting part is the risk with it being on the carotid artery. A possible option for the surgery is to cut off the blood supply to the tumor before it is cut out to lower the risk of bleeding, etc. But these are all probablies/ifs/whatifs... we won't know the dealio for sure until I get to see the surgeon at Emory. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers, guys, I appreciate it!

hi ho, hi ho, i'll really hate to go

One week from today, I will be back at work.

If it weren't for this fact constantly in the back of my mind now, I would feel like a total waste of life. Yesterday, I didn't do a damn thing except cuddle with G until 3 o'clock. At 8 a.m., I made a list of all the things I could (and should) accomplish but when Gray went into his morning smiley playtime, I just scooped him up and we cuddled, ate, and cuddled some more. Didn't even watch TV. When he napped, I made a hot cup of chai, picked up the book I'm reading for a little bit, caught up on all of my favorite blogs, looked at my to-do list again, and cuddled G a little more before I finally decided to get cracking. I mean, really... I did that for, what?, seven hours?! And while I would normally feel bad about my lack of accomplishment, I actually felt more accomplished because I was actually taking advantage of my time with him instead of worrying about "doing" so much. I know I will still have weekends and week nights to love on him but there are still 50-60 hours a week I'll be missing because of work + planning + ripping my hair out + commuting. I am so dreading that first day back. Yesterday, on our diaper/wipes/bottle run to Target I bought a few more Kleenex travel packs and stashed them in my console, preparing for the major alligator tears that will be happening on my morning drive.

Do you think he's sad, too?


slings, swings & things

Apologies: This might be the longest post ever. (EVER.) But I included lots of pictures for all of you visual readers so bear with me. Or skip to the bottom if you're checking for the what-is-this-lump-in-my-neck? update.

I'm certainly no super fan of attachment parenting but I (mostly) like The Baby Book and there are a few really great things I'm on board with. And one thing they spend a great deal of time talking about is babywearing. I know that babywearing is not for everyone (especially if you are very anti-attachment, I understand), but if I could give only three pieces of advice or product recommendations for pregos... "wear your baby" would be one of them. I don't know if I've really talked much about babywearing after my initial decision to test the waters, or how much I LOVE using the sling with Grayson. So if I haven't... let me just tell you how much we love the sling. Gray is a pretty cuddly baby (as most are). He loves to be held, rocked, burped... he just really loves to be loved on so it just makes sense that he loves the sling. If he is fussy for who-knows-why... I can put him in the sling and he is almost always calm within minutes if not seconds.

love the sling because I can do things around the house with both hands free while still getting snuggle time in. Maybe it's because I know I'll blink one day and he won't be wee anymore. Or because it makes outings a little more peaceful and fun. Or because adding 11+ pounds to my frame makes walking up the stairs twice as difficult which means I have no choice but to exercise a little bit all the time when I'm wearing it (Must.Lose.Baby.Weight). But it took me three tries to find the perfect fit for both of us.

First, I tried Munchkin's Jelly Bean version but in the wrong size. I exchanged it for the right size but he was still a bit too floppy for it to work. Great sling but I'm waiting until he's a little bigger and the weather is a little warmer (the fabric is pretty thin... not great for this cold weather, even with the body heat).

Next, I tried the Baby K'tan. Tried it one day while I vacuumed, put away sanitized bottles and tried not to pull my hair out. Great at first but it was a little more involved and difficult to put G in (probably because he was still a little more floppy). And I found it very uncomfortable for me. I hate (HATE) when my clothes are bunched up or pulling anywhere -- I just don't wear clothes that are uncomfortable. If clothing makes me feel confined in any way, it's a dealbreaker. And this sling made even my yoga pants and Old Navy tank top feel bunched up and uncomfortable. Not cool. It's made of a jersey cotton material which is great if you're looking for washable and soft. Not great if you're looking for ease with a snug yet comfortable fit. And guess what... all baby slings are washable and soft (would they sell if they weren't??) and they're half the price of the Baby K'tan. My opinion? Way overpriced for what you get. (And I have a personal story about the company that you can ask about later.)

And, as the saying goes, third time's a charm... when I was on a Target run, I glanced through the aisle with the carriers and happened to see Eddie Bauer's take on babywearing. Brought it home, popped G in like a string bean and waalah (!), he was happy as a clam. Super easy to put him in, even easier to slip on, doesn't make my clothes gather in any of the wrong places and it doesn't cramp his floppy baby body. AND... if wee G is sleeping but I'm ready to put him down or we're out at a restaurant and it's convenient (see picture below), all I have to do is gently place him in the pack n play or on the booth and slip the strap off (though this will no totally be possible once he's more mobile). A babywearing winner in my book.

G in the sling, ready for some frisbee golf:
From february 09

Sleeping like a champ in the sling at Chili's:
From february 09

Finally, we got out the Baby Bjorn. I knew they were crazy popular with the parenting masses and now I know why. Becca got this for us even before my first baby shower but I've been waiting to get this thing out once he quit flopping around so much. If I had known what I know now... I probably would have skipped my first few trial-and-errors altogether. Two days ago, Gray and I went on my first post-baby "workout!" Two laps around the neighborhood with Gray in the Bjorn. I didn't think I would love a carrier more than I've loved the EB sling so far, but... the Baby Bjorn is where it's at! Super easy to put on, which I didn't expect. It almost looks like a bulky mama-baby torture device on the website but it's a piece o' cake and not at all cumbersome as I had expected. Wonderful for exercise -- walking, lunges, doing stairs (yesterday's quickie workout), etc. And there are multiple styles and colors now so it's not all basic black! I know owning one is enough but they make me want to own five. Another win for babywearing (and Baby Bjorn marketing, apparently).

Here we are hooked up and ready to leave for our first walk. G's all alert and killing me with cuteness:
From february 09

And by the time we were one house down... passed out:
From february 09

And STILL passed out an hour after we got back:
From february 09

I <3 babywearing. Even if it is my first step on the slippery slope to becoming an Attachment Parent. (Parenting philosophies... so complicated, controversial and, again, another blog for another day.)

[Other slings/carriers that I've heard some pretty great things about: Peanut Shell -- their slings have super cute colors and designs for the fashion conscious mama; Baby Hawk -- more like the Baby Bjorn type of carrier and also SO cute


Gray's latest new baby thing is trying to grab and reach for things, especially my hair, clothes and the animals on his swing. (He is really starting to love the swing, too. He did NOT love it in the beginning.)
From february 09

swinging at the giraffe. (so.cute.)
From february 09
From february 09
annnnnd he's spent.
From february 09


Here's the update on my CT scan/biopsy that was scheduled for yesterday morning:

Went in, got the CT and then the radiologist cancelled the biopsy after giving it a quick look-over. Which would be wonderful news but... the "mass" just happens to be located at the bifurcation (sp?) of my carotid artery (where it splits in your neck). If you saw that episode of Grey's with Seth Green where the artery in his neck was exposed... that's what we're talkin here. (NOT COOL.) Since it's in such a delicate place, he decided it would be too risky and inappropriate to do a needle biopsy. (Um, agreed.) So, instead, they will most likely be going in and cutting it out. Not my idea of fun but I go to my ENT tomorrow to talk about the rest of the results from the CT and to figure all that out. Great news is that it's most likely a benign tumor. We really won't know what the dealio is until tomorrow but that's the update. Fuuuun times :/


i'm a mom (part 1)

Over the past couple of weeks I've had more than one moment where I either looked at Grayson or saw the carseat in the rearview mirror and thought, I'm a Mom. When did that HAPPEN?! For the most part, this realization has been gradual. A process. But last night, it kind of snapped and wrapped up the whole deal in the most hilarious moment. And so I snapped a picture:

That's my son (my WHAT?) on his Grandpa Gauntt's lap. That stain on his onesie? Yea, it's what it looks like. And his face? So pissed.

Insert this moment into a blind spot in my I'm a mom? thought process and instead of seeing me snatch him up and zip to the changing table, or maybe wanting to gag a little when I wonder Whoa, how did THAT happen?!, you see me laughing and running for the camera to get this priceless reaction (his and mine unseen) on the memory card. Let's put that in the baby book. (Or not.)


Happy Valentine's Day!

From february 09

Love from the Heberts


For Valentine's Day, Paul got us both one of the best presents ever: tickets to see Kooza next week!

Ummmm... do I even have to tell you that I'm SO excited?! Like... so excited you can just call me Jessie Spano.


one month appointment

From february 09

Gray had his one month appointment at the pediatrician today.
11 pounds. 22 inches long.
(75th percentile in everything.)
One vaccine.
This little boy is healthy and "perfect!"
(Do you think they tell every mom that?)

My best attempt at getting both of us in a picture:
From february 09
Such a cute chunk of baby.


one month

From misc.
(Click for full size.)

Has it really been one month already?!

Gray has already changed SO much since we met him. The past several days have shown the biggest changes (responsive smiling, lots of cooing, discovering his hands, lots and lots of eye contact and studying the world...) and even though I can't wait to see even more of his personality, I'm really going to miss this cuddly baby stage. He is such a great baby so far, we've got to be some of the luckiest parents around. Next to Paul, I didn't know I was capable of loving someone so much or that my heart could be so altered by such a tiny life. And who knew we could function on so little sleep?

Really, it blows my mind how quickly the time is passing. I don't know where the time went and I don't even want to think about how fast this next month will go. And then the months after that... I don't know how I will ever be able to go back to work two weeks from now (yes, only two more weeks) and leave this little boy for 9-10 hours a day. Probably with a lot of tears and picture text messages everyday. (work is another post to be scheduled for another day). I'm just thankful that I will have the entire Summer off to spend with him. And I guess Spring Break isn't too far away, right?

And, of course, I don't know how we would have made it this far without our awesome families and friends. I really don't know how people do this without support. We have had so much help and support it's unreal. There are a lot of things I don't know but I do know that this baby is so loved!


mr. happy

Gray was SO smiley this morning!
From february 09

It's true that when they smile you almost forget that they spent the last hour crying. Or how much sleep you didn't get those first two weeks. Or how he just blew it up on the changing pad at the mall. And I love the way Paul laughs when G smiles at him. Too cute.

Hands down, smiling is my favorite G-thing so far.
From february 09

How's this one for some extreme smiling action? How many chins can you count, haha?
From february 09


G's future?

Apparently, this is what Grayson should look like.  What do you think?  Does he look like us?  ;)


i love it

Just a few pictures from the last two days...

Today, we went on an outing to Mall of Georgia. Paul got off super late last night so we left him to get some zzz's. Met up with Brittany at Nordstrom for a little gal pal time (and I had to get another one of those blankets I'm in love with) . Stopped by my parents' afterward so they could love on him and also because he's never been there before today! (Lots of firsts... first trip out of Athens, first time at my parents', first trip to the mall...). Got another sweet picture of my mom with Grayson:

Stanie was busy getting dirty outside so we didn't introduce him to G, but I still had to get a picture of my favorite dogga. His hair is getting so long!

And from yesterday... Chunky G!

And still no picture but G smiled a few more times tonight for Paul to see. He is SO cute with his smile! I love it so much. We feel like he is a real baby now ;)


i'm in love with a blanket

First, I have breaking news: G showed me his first real smile today! I was looking at him and rubbing his belly, playing with his hands and arms, etc... and I started talking to him and he smiled with his whole face! At first I thought maybe it was a reflex smile and I just really wanted it to be a real smile (I thought they didn't really smile responsively for a couple more weeks?). So I kept talking and playing with him and he did it again, his eyes and everything! SO cute. I thought my heart was going to explode.

And this next thing is mostly for my prego readers...
From february 09

I didn't know I could love a non-human thing so much. But any blanket that helps G sleep for four (yes, four!) hours at a time definitely wins my heart. I loved this blanket before but mostly because it was cute, it was one of the first things we received for Grayson (from Brittany) and there are coordinating burp cloths haha! And now I am in love with it because of its extreme swaddling function! We've been trying a few different things with Grayson at night to get him to sleep a little harder and longer and so far we've been only mildly successful (yes, I know he is only four weeks old). Last night and the night before we used the Swaddle Designs blanket to put him to sleep and he slept like a champ! Or at least for such a wee baby. Last night he slept for two four-hour stretches back-to-back! Seriously... it is all about the blanket. Not even one arm wiggled its way out. Pregos, I would go ahead and look at investing in a good swaddling blanket as an investment in the future length and quality of your sleep. (I've also heard that the Miracle Blanket is the bomb.com if you're looking for another or still can't swaddle tightly enough with a square.)

And just because I'm so excited that he really smiled today, here are a few for you visual peeps:

Just hanging out yesterday...
From february 09

And a poladroid-ed picture of Paul and G (I am blaming Ashley for this latest obsession):
From february 09

I hope next time I will have a smile picture to post! For now, we are about to get out of the house for a short outing. My eyes will bleed if I have to watch any more soap operas today.


From february 09
That's G in my favorite of all of his baby outfits. I frantically put him in it and took pictures after finding out (trial and error) that he is already too big for one of his newborn-size sleepers. Of course, since it's my favorite... it was the day he chose to have an epic blowout on the changing table while Paul's mom was babysitting during my dermatologist appointment yesterday afternoon. Kinda glad I wasn't here for that one, haha!

Short story of my appointment today is that he doesn't know. I need a CT scan and then a needle biopsy of the enlarged node. He gave me what he thought to be the best and worst case scenarios and even if it is the worst case that he mentioned, it is manageable. Not exactly fun times but hopefully nothing to get really worked up over.

In more exciting news, Gray and I FINALLY have a few pictures together:

From february 09

From february 09

I have more but I'm spent.


the sicklies

The sicklies got me. Not exactly sure what but I feel like total crapola. Paul stayed home with me today because all night and all morning I was on the verge of vomiting (is that t.m.i.?). So there is definitely nothing exciting going on in the Hebert house today. Once he was finally done chowing down (he ate for what seemed like hours haha), G snuggled up with me to make me feel better:

That is my sad face after I told Paul how sad it is that he won't always be able to cuddle with us like this. Paul just thinks I am crazy for getting sentimental already haha.

I already slacked on my photo-a-day resolution yesterday. So, Paul had just left to go to the gym and I was feeding my sweet tooth while Gray was sleeping when I decided to be the lamest mom on the planet with my picture for today. I'm sorry, I just could not help myself when I pulled these two out of the bag. I am weak to these kind of cheesy photo ops:

He is making the cutest little noises in his sleep. Warms my heart even though the sicklies are taking back over again.

If you think of us on Thursday, send up a little thought or a prayer for me. Last week, I went to the doctor for a gland that's been noticeably swollen for a few months now. He thought my thyroid was enlarged and that it might be underactive so I got a thyroid ultrasound on Friday and she also took pictures of the lump in the top of my neck (maybe thyroid, not sure). Yesterday, doctor's office called back saying the ultrasound confirmed a lump in my neck, so on Thursday morning I am going to an ENT specialist to hopefully find out what's going on or at least get more tests done. Normally, I probably wouldn't be so worried, but having a baby really does bring out the worst thoughts when it comes to your health and mortality. I've been feeling pretty lousy for the past day or so, especially today, and it sucks that I can't be doing more with him. Not that he is Mr. Active right now but I want to get out with him and take him to the bookstore and the coffee shop to meet with friends, especially during the week when not very many people are out... very "Amanda" things for me to do and I don't even have the smallest urge to do them. I hate not being at my best while I have this time with him and I still haven't felt like myself since delivery. So... just hoping for an answer and generally better health so I can be at my best during the rest of my time at home with him. Have I mentioned how much I'm dreading my return to work??


our bean sprout

Our little bean sprout is three weeks old (technically yesterday)! The days are really flying by now and I can't believe I only have three more weeks at home with him before I have to go back to work. That's going to be a hard day but I'm trying not to really think about it yet.

Tonight, we went to Adam's to watch the Super Bowl and Emma babysat G. Our first time really away from G. We've been out once together and then separately, but always to do errands and make appointments, not for anything social. The Super Bowl was very low key -- we picked up dinner on the way there, ate, watched the game, sat around and talked a little. The careerbuilder commercial was my favorite, it was so funny! I'm not so much into pro football so I was zoning out a little and missing G when I got this picture in a text from Emma:

He was making gassy faces haha
From Baby Grayson

We had a really good time just getting out together and being with people we haven't seen in a while. Honestly, I was tired when we left and when we were eating but just being with people was really what I needed. I was feeling a little renewed when we left to come home. Of course, nothing compared to seeing this when we got home:
From Baby Grayson

G just ate again and we're waiting for a good burp so we can put him down and then put ourselves down, too. I just had to post a little update on our sprout. Yesterday, I just did a rough weight check by stepping on the scale with and then without him... and if our scale is accurate, he weighs a full 11 lbs now -- check out that double chin! He is growing like a weed!


resolutions, round two

Now that it's already February (I can't believe it!) I guess I need to set up my new round of resolutions. First, let's see how I did on my January resolutions:
  • Keep a pen with me at all times. I don't think I once found myself without a pen in hand or close by this month. So silly but this really made life a little easier, especially with a baby on board.
  • Keep a small notepad or blank piece of paper with me at all times. I actually managed this one, too. Especially since my mom gave me the momAgenda. Again, silly resolution but one that has paid off so far.
  • Keep closer tabs on my checking account and cut back on unnecessary spending/save more money. I/we have definitely cut a lot of unnecessary spending simply be being at home with Gray. And I actually find it really hard now to justify spending on things I would have otherwise just gone for (like when I did my first postpartum wardrobe shop on the Target sale racks). Spending is more in check now so I need to devise a plan for budgeting and saving. That might be next month's task once life is back to "normal."
  • Set up an organized and efficient system for documentation (at work). Check. I finished setting this up before I had G, thank goodness.
  • Breastfeeding. Still nursing but mostly by pumping because G does not always nurse "efficiently" (it's very difficult to keep him awake) and I'm not producing quite enough yet for his monster hunger so we are supplementing some with formula. Especially at night because the breastmilk just doesn't keep him full for long at all. But still truckin' because I really want him to stay healthy as long as my body can provide defense against the sicklies. :)
  • Keep some sort of date night/connection/romance time with Paul once G gets here, especially in that first month. This one has been much more difficult than the others (obviously). Earlier this week we had a really great home dinner/movie/cuddle night after G ate "dinner." It wasn't really anything out of the ordinary but we had it planned like a date which made it more exciting. And though it's technically not a date, tonight Emma is babysitting G while we go to a friend's Superbowl shindig for a while. I'm excited to see some familiar faces, that is for sure!
  • Overall... not too shabby. Just a couple things I'd like to improve on a little more.
So... for February I'm going more typical (physical/spiritual/emotional), I think:
  • Physical goals: Lose the remaining 4 lbs of baby weight. Start doing some exercises to tone my core. G is getting heavier by the second so I definitely need to build some core strength.
  • Emotional goals: Date/romance/connection time with my mister (safe to say this one will be year-round). Do something "Amanda-like" at least once a day.
  • Organization goals: By the end of the month, purge and sell/giveaway all clothes, shoes and bags that are stained/not in good shape, do not fit or that I no longer wear. Create new file system to organize statements and important info.
  • Mental/Emotional/Spiritual goal: Find and focus on the positive, especially at work so that I'm not bringing Debbie Downer home with me when I get off (this will be hard, I know, because I am already dreading going back). I have a book of daily positive quotations that I plan to use just for this purpose haha.
  • Start a photo-a-day record of our lives and Gray-baybay. (I've just always wanted to do one, really.)
  • And my biggest goal for the next week: finish thank you notes! I STILL have a few on my desk that I wrote two months ago and still haven't put in the mail. What the heck?? I originally wanted them all finished before G arrived. But then I waited because I wanted to include more specific ways we were using the gifts and I'm glad I did because even though we were so thankful for everyone's generosity before... now I could probably go on and on about all of the things we've used/still have left to use and how they were just downright thoughtful (Butt Paste, q-tips -- great for putting on the butt paste or A&D haha, Mylicon drops, medical kit, huuuge box of 500-something wipes, bathtime supplies, baby hair brush... all kinds of stuff that I probably would not have focused on pre-baby...).
I think this list is going to be a little harder than January's... here's hoping.