leave my mama out of it

When I am queen, my first order of business will be to legally outlaw "Your mom," "Yo' mama," "Yo' mama so fat..." or any other similar comebacks or "insults."* If I had a dime for every time I've heard one of these used as a comeback in my first period class alone, I would've quit my job three months ago.

*"Your mom goes to college" is not yet on my Cashed Out Phrases of the Century list because I can still get a little giggle in when I hear it in a sing-songy Kip-style fashion.


babywearing, take... oh, i lost count

Not sure how many times I've talked about babywearing in the past few months but I will probably talk about it a zillion more because I just love wearing Gray SO much! Before this week, I've been wearing him because he loves it and wants to be close to me while we run errands or take a walk. Or sometimes because he's not having the best day I pop him in the sling or Bjorn when I need to get things done. But this week, for whatever reason, I have been feeling a new attachment to G. I seriously cannot keep myself away from this baby. So even though he was having a big time playing by himself on the floor palette I had just laid out for him, I scooped him up, plopped him in the sling and went about my business because I just could not keep my hands off of this precious boy!

babywearing photo ops. it's tough sweatin' to the oldies.

I love him and our little family so much sometimes it hurts and I have to mentally pinch myself to make sure that this is my baby, my family, my life. Looking through pictures, sometimes I still don't believe it. My life is so full I don't know how I could ever want anything more than what I already have. How did I get so lucky to be Mama to this fun baby boy? So lucky to be Wife to my loving husband? I know there will be so many times that I forget all of this but right now, I'm in the moment and I love it.

*The sling I'm using in the picture above is the Munchkin Jelly Bean sling. Which, after testing 24230948 jillion slings, I've found that this one is not-so-great for the newborn stage/cradle carry that I used the Eddie Bauer sling for but IS really nice for the side/hip carry because the sling can still provide a little extra structure while he supports himself. And if you're into cute and reversible, it's a winner.

"smell like syrup"

I love seeing how people sometimes find my blog. Remember when I told you guys that I smell like maple syrup? You know, because I like to take weird herbal supplements and drink questionable Milkmaid tea from time to time. Well... maybe someone else shares my scent as he/she found my blog by Googling "smell like syrup" and "sweat smells like syrup."

Either that or they've got a wicked case of maple syrup urine disease. Um, yikes!

Also today, got hits from a site about carotid body tumors and someone wanting to know what 39 weeks of pregnancy feels like. Which reminds me... as crazy-uncomfortable as my 39th week of pregnancy was, I really kinda miss it. Now who thought those words would ever cross my keyboard??



I seriously cannot get enough of this blog. If you haven't heard Stellan's story, let me just tell you it had me in tears on my lunch break last week. Maybe because I see the tiniest bit of Grayson in many of the pictures of Stellan but that makes it no less moving. I love reading his story and I could go on forever about the ways MckMama has captured many of my thoughts in her older posts but I won't. Just go check it out for yourself, you won't be sorry! Lots of blog love to Stellan, he's going home! :)


Here are the loads of pictures I promised... of no particular theme on any certain order

Gray really loves his silver rattle. This was one of the things I was really hoping he would enjoy because it's one of my favorite things he got at the baby shower(s). (I say that a lot, don't I? I guess everything is my favorite in one way or another haha.) Jessica gave us this with his name and initials engraved on the sides. Such a classic gift.

One of the many faces he makes lately

Contorting his body so he can see the TV

I could post a million of these pictures. But I will just stick to a few. He LOVES to stand up.

He looooves this lion toy. It growls when you move it and has a thousand and one little plastic teething-like pieces, ribbons, different textures, etc.

And he really loves to chew on our fingers

Naked G is my fave

My parents kept G last night and had a photoshoot with him this morning... his clothes engulf him and make him look like the hugest baby on the face of the earth. I promise he is not obese. I bet this was interesting times...

Sad face

And now a random one of my dad. He is currently refusing to cut his hair. Doesn't he look a little like a hippie?

And that's all I have the energy for.
Three more weeks, three more weeks...

first haircut

Yesterday, Paul and I gave Gray what you could consider his first haircut. The mullet was funny for a while but I couldn't stand it anymore.

But don't worry, he's still got the party.

losing it

What. A. Week.

The past week tested me. Big time. Only 15 more days with the students. 15 more days... 15 more days... 15... more... DAYS! I could go and tell you details but suffice to say I was literally pulling my hair out at my desk Friday afternoon. Which does not need to be happening because...

my hair is falling out all on its own. Like... a LOT of it. My non-prego readers might not know this... (most of the time) when you're pregnant your hair does not "shed" or fall out like normal, giving the illusion of thicker and more lucious, voluminous locks. Apparently, a few months post partum, your hair then falls out. In smal chunks. And then in huge chunks that tickle my back like a spider causing me to FREAK out. It falls out when I'm sleeping, in the car, in the kitchen (yum?), at school, at the computer, in the shower -- ESPECIALLY in the shower... it just falls out. So much of it has been falling out in the shower that I have to scoop it up off of the drain mid-rinse because the water starts backing up. This is hard for me because I HATE hair. Well, I love hair on the head but I hate hair. Almost nothing is more disgusting than a pile of hair and soap scum on the shower drain. Gets my gag reflex every time. But the only thing I hate more in the shower is standing water so I deal and pick it up. If only the weight just fell off like the hair... I only have a few more pounds to go but gosh are they pesky little ell bees.

In an effort to keep me from going to negative town about the past week, I am going to upload pictures while G-licious continues to nap. More positive, interesting, picture-loaded post coming later.


eskimo kisses

Last week's Fun Thing (because I can't remember them all for each day... I'm lazy, okay?)...

G was really loving some eskimo kisses! Made me so happy because, really, I can't stop giving them to him. It's the least I can do to not actually kiss his whole face off.

This was the best picture I could get of him almost-laughing.

On a totally unrelated note... I think I am actually kind of sort of maybe starting to like my job. Like, actually the special ed paperwork part. Probably because I'm finally starting to get the hang of it with four weeks left to go (go me). I would actually even say that my last two IEPs have been really good. Woop woop. Am I out of my Geebus-loving mind?

Monday Funday... today's Fun Thing: It was only for about a minute, probably less, and the milk ended up all over his face but... Gray held his bottle and fed himself! And he didn't stop there. When it popped out of his mouth he somehow popped it right back in there. I know this is way boring news to most of you but I squealed and clapped and told him if he does it for two solid minutes next time, I'll buy him a car for his six month birthday.

classy never trashy

Last week, I got a question: "Mrs. Hebert, what's the definition for classy?" (apparently some kind of language arts assignment... I get these questions a lot to be a science teacher. It makes for interesting times.)

At the time, I wasn't sure how to answer that (I am used to questions more like "What's the difference between a noun and a verb?" and "How do you spell Biology?"). When I think classy, my mind goes to one of our family friends, Coco Chanel, Jackie O, Lady Gaga (only kidding)... but when they think of classy, they're probably thinking more along the lines of (for real) Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Da Brat. The way we define it visually is just different, I'm sure.

But after this weekend I know EXACTLY what I should have said...

[klas-ee] - v. also see: mos' classiest
to (breast)feed your infant in the backseat of your car. In a Waffle House parking lot. In WINDER.

When the three month old chunky cuteness is screaming in hunger and no bottle or clean water is to be found... nothing looks more like a diamond in the rough than posting up for a few minutes with a hooter hider in a WaHo parking lot. Win.



Gray's first time at the lake on my parents' boat today.

All ready to go before we left. I want to squeal he is so cute.

Soakin it up. (Yes, I am so pale my arm is actually blending in with the upholestry.)

With Paul. G was NOT a fan of the life vest.

My other baby. Stanie loves the boat. And he doesn't fuss about the life vest.

i smell like maple syrup

Fenugreek makes me smell like maple syrup. I read that somewhere when I started taking it (to boost supply for breastfeeding) but since I do not really possess a sense of smell (really, I don't) I didn't think too much about it. Until Paul was all, "Why do you smell like maple syrup?" I couldn't think why because... pleasedon'thurtme I do NOT like syrup. I am a texture girl and syrup just doesn't make the cut. Anyway, I stopped taking it for a few days and when my supply dipped a little again I got the bottle and all of the sudden, "Ohhhhhhh THAT'S why I smell like syrup."

So... there it is. My sweat smells like IHOP.


spring break cuteness

I know I sort of promised a G-related blog today. It's gonna be a short one. How about I just post some pictures of our Spring Break fun?

I just wanna dance.

Loves looking in the mirror now. (Except today... he cried.)

Maybe the cutest face ever.

Loves the Bumbo sitter. Like a big boy.

He was such a diva that day.

Easter lunch at my parents' house. Sittin with his Glam'ma.
(I don't think I've mentioned this yet but yes, for now we are calling Paul's mom Glam'ma. Sounds like grandma but much more GLAM haha! It started as a little joke from some of her friends at work but it just kinda stuck. I think it's pretty cute. And should G have a little speech delay with his r's, we're golden.)

Smiling at his daddy. Such a happy babe.

We have to take our own mama-G photos. Waiting in the car at the driving range.

Playing with his new toy from Glam'ma.

Burp cloths are actually toys.

I'm sure this is not interesting for my currently child-free friends but G reached another important milestone... he's been able to roll from belly to back for just a short while now but is already rolling from back to belly! Finally did it completely by himself on Friday night, it was awesome. And, though not a milestone, he is wanting to suck on EVERYTHING. Reaching for things to put in his mouth already. Here we go...

And I'm spent. More later but not promising when.


got my hurr did

So I guess I never got to those posts I was talking about...

but I did get my hairstylist to switch it up a little on my "Amanda" day.

Check back tomorrow if you were looking for a Gray Baybay fix.


spring break, i love thee

Day one of spring break (I said that Oprah-style in my head). Amen. I thought it would never come. Some new posts coming soon over the break but for now... a few photos:

(Hi, my name is Cute.)

I've been crafting a little here and there for some of my friends who are having or who recently had a baby. Some sneak peeks (I don't want to post about anything until they have been sent and received):

And this is not currently a gift. It's a tissue holder for my purse. I'm going to make another with a strap for the diaper bag.