That's what I have either said out loud or been thinking a few too many times this week.

On Tuesday, one of my students asked me what "absent" means... really?

I was also accused of skipping class. Scene: I let my fifth period leave a few minutes early for lunch and as we were walking, a teacher practically mauled the student in front of me to ask him for his hall pass. "WHERE'SYOURPASS?" I stepped in, told her it was fine we were just going to lunch to which she responded with a look that could kill and, "Well, where's YOUR pass?" Uhh... I'm a teacher? Does that count? I know that I'm young and that I often look like a student when I forget my name badge but these confrontations are seriously annoying.

Yesterday, I got a brilliant question... from a 15-year old: "Soooo... (awkward silence)... say I got a girl pregnant... do I really have to pay child support?" Um... REALLY??!! Am I actually supposed to answer that?? I mean... what kind of answer do you give that will maybe even touch on the gravity of that question (again... 15-year old... thinking about child support. pardon my French but what the eff?). His question was, of course, followed by this profound observation: "I mean... babies are easy so I guess I wouldn't have to actually leave the state and get away. All you have to do is feed 'em, burp 'em, change a diaper here and there... pshh, easy." (When I asked if this was his situation he said that it wasn't... not sure I believe him.) Wow.

What. the. crap.


Anonymous said...

i think we should all be terrified at the thought of leaving our fate in this future generations hands...

Holli said...

Wow. You've had some "moments" lately haven't you? Crazy!!

Just the two of us! said...

wow.. I fear becoming a teacher! gah! Where do you work? I am doing my Field experience at North Gwinnett High School! woo! Three Cheers for teachers!