two months old (a little late)

I'm a little late on the two-month-old update, but here I go...

Wait... did I just say he's two months old?? Not possible.

On St. Patty's day he went for his well check-up. Everything looks pretty good and he is definitely still a chunk :) 13 pounds and 8 ounces (90thish percentile). 23.5 inches (75thish percentile). And 16" head circumference. [When he was born: 9lbs 6oz, 20.75 inches, 14.5"] He is growing, for sure! He can still wear SOME 0-3 size clothes but not many. Mostly, he is wearing 3-6 which is fun but sad that he's getting so big! He's super fun and happy which, of course, makes me happy, too.

His biggest milestone so far: rolling over! He rolled over for the first time on Friday while he was home with Paul. He almost did it again yesterday but got frustrated and hungry first. Then again last night before bedtime but still not quite. In a few minutes I'm going to see if he'll give it another go. I HATE that I'm missing little things like this. I thought it would get easier to go to work as the time passed but I think it really gets harder every day to leave him at home. Only two weeks until my spring break. How many weeks until summer??

A photo log of the past few days...

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Holli said...

He sure is gorgeous!! Look at those cheeks... :)