do i get street cred for this?

I got a request to see the slasher incision-will-be-scar. Didn't think of this as blog material before but really, I guess I would be interested in seeing the scar if I'd been keeping up with this whole "surgery" scam on my blog for so long. (I did a little investigating and discovered that "carotid body tumor" is actually code for "demons" and "surgery" adds up to "beat those demons out with a steel baseball bat... no wait, make that a pair of steel Paris Hilton-like stilettos."). For those with weak stomachs, I will give you some scroll time to find your way to the exit.

See? The hospital wasn't all bad, they gave us a room with a view. A nice view, even. :)

Another view.

Okay, are you ready?

About 24 hours after surgery.

This afternoon. Lookin' pretty tame in this photo. Unfortunately, the bite is much, much worse than the bark.

The incision on my leg is about six inches long. Gag. This has actually been the worst of my pain today. They had to go pretty deep to get to the femoral vein so I'm expecting to really feel this one for a while.

So, do you think I'll get some street cred with my students for this?

Oh, and if I haven't ever mentioned this before, my parents are ah-mazing. They brought us a recliner for me to inhabit for the next couple of weeks. Sleeping last night was a pain, even with the million pillows we spent 30 minutes strategically placing behind my back, neck and head. I was seriously missing that hospital bed last night. So, leave it to my parents to just up and bring us a brand new recliner. Hoping for a more peacful, less stiff night's rest. Best. Parents. Ever.

And don't even get me started on Paul's mom, she has been a Godsend with Grayson. He had his first fever the day I was in surgery and she took him to the pediatrician. (Just teething, thank goodness.) I think tonight is the last night he will spend over there and he will be here tomorrow night. Paul's mom brought him over yesterday for a few hours and Emma brought him today -- it's pretty tough to watch him be all cute and cuddly and not even be able to hold him. I would have been able to hold him (on my lap, but absolutely no lifting) but because of my leg I can't for a couple of weeks. And because of my tongue/speech thing I can't even talk to him normally. So. Frustrating. Hopefully today was the worst of it and I'll be on a steady uphill climb soon. My first short-term checkpoint? Regular showers.


Three Scobeys said...

Thank God for family and strong support systems!! I hope you feel better soon. I cannot believe that, with everything going on, you still managed to find time to make and send me that beautiful card! Enjoy that recliner (and the Netflix).

Just the two of us! said...

NICE scar! You should come up with some crazy story about a knife fight or something lol!! hah! I hope everything feels better soon! I don't know how you manage seeing baby g and not being able to snuggle him ah!! torture! P.s. i am jealous of your netflix! i love movie watching!

bornemannus said...

Just wanted to say thanks for this post. I was diagnosed with the same type of tumor in September and every time I googled it I got more and more freaked out. Surgery went well and I am back to normal. I even ran a 5K Thanksgiving morning! Thank God for good doctors. Anyway, I thought of you often though my walk through this. Thanks for putting a "face" on it. It gave me more hope than you can imagine.