graybaybay productions

I finally gave in and started a YouTube account/channel for our growing collection of videos. Here are three new videos of our not-so-little-anymore babe for your amusement. Or you can click here to view, subscribe and rate the channel.

Gray's becoming an expert on the bottle-to-mouth skill. He's gotta look after that figure, after all.

He can already multitask and exercise while he eats!

No point to this one... just a happy baby.

Can you believe he will be SIX MONTHS OLD tomorrow?! I'm already having a panic attack.


Toria said...

omg, I LOVE how he like, snorts in the last one when he laughs! How is he so absurdly adorable?

JAAG said...

It's so cool that him & Atalie share a "month" birthday!! She'll be 19 months tomorrow(I know I'm a dork, but this is what my life has become :) Oh, and the next 6 months will go even faster, then the next 6 even faster than that, and so. I know, not want you want to hear, but it's true, and it's sad & exciting at the same time!

I can't believe we haven't even met this little munchkin yet!

Lindsay Grimes said...

Oh my goodness! I love the middle video. I wish I could exercise and eat and be so happy doing both. And I love him and Paul in the last one. What an awesome little family you have! I miss you guys!!