in the blink of an eye

Tomorrow, my little bean will be six months old. Knowing this makes me feel ridiculously joyful, sad, grateful and wholly blessed in every way. I am on an emotional, nostalgic rollercoaster. It happened, quite literally, in the blink of an eye. One minute I'm seven months pregnant, the next I'm mama to the cutest baby I ever did see and the next after that my little boy is six months old. My little family is a bazillion times more than I should ever ask for. Somebody pinch me.

And, a funny side... all of these changes have actually physically manifested themselves in my eyesight. Pregnancy changed my eyes like... three different times. By the end, I could barely see a street sign across the room. Now, six months later, my far-away sight is actually better than it was this time last year. Which is good because if I'm getting new glasses, there better be a new prescription to make it worth the cost. Last time I got metal frames but metal was not working out with G (you know, since my accessorized life pretty much revolves around the six month old babe I mentioned earlier)... I kept poking him in the face with the edges when I went to kiss him and the joint pinched his delicious little fingers. And plastic just suits me so much more. So back to plastic I go. Goodbye headaches, hello clarity and cuteness. The frames are beautiful, if I do say so myself. Sneak peek:

(Those are lasered polka dots, not rhinestones... although that would be pretty fab. They also come in a spicy red if you're feeling sassy.)


Just the two of us! said...

I know what you mean! Sydney is practically three [two and a half really but who does not love to exaggerate haha] already and it is BLOWING MY MIND!!!!! Hope you are feeling better!!

p.s. I started a new blog so I could write more personal things that I did not want my family to read hah... so here it is

So, read this one now!! I got a new jazzy background and eveything!!

Have a rockin weekend!!

Lindsay Grimes said...

Those glasses are adorable!! Love the polka dots!