While organizing my iPhoto library today I uncovered this little gem.

Mostly, I enjoyed being pregnant but there aren't many things I miss about it. But the 7-month belly is one of the few. Sigh.


In other news, we went to the vascular surgeon who grafted my carotid artery (yikes, sounds pretty bad when I type it out). Turns out, whoever scheduled that appointment schedule it, um, A MONTH TOO EARLY. So, we got my parents to watch G and trekked to Atlanta for pretty much nothing. Except to hear that I should probably be wearing one of those awesome stockings that helps your leg circulate. I know they're seriously hideous but my leg is having some serious circulation problems when I'm on my feet for more than a few minutes. But my leg should somehow, in the next few months, figure out a new way to get the blood back up to my heart. Anyway, I have to go back at the end of the month, when I meet with my head and neck surgeon, for an ultrasound of the area to make sure the artery/vein graft looks good. I will continue to go back every six months for a while and then eventually once a year. But unless/until the time comes for it to be replaced I will always have to get it checked out to make sure it still looks good and that it's not leaking.

My tongue is getting better. It's still pretty difficult to articulate well and I still have to chew most of my food on the right side of my mouth but the fact that it's improving at all is a good sign.

And, as you can see on my last post, I've been getting to hold G in my lap a little bit. I still can't actually lift him and carry him around because of the strain it puts on my neck which is not good for the graft (the vascular surgeon really seems to want me to wait until I go for that check-up) but holding him in my lap while he was still enough made my heart leap to the moon and back.

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Holli said...

I am so happy you are doing ok...you've had quite the summer haven't you?