who? me? nahhhhh, not me!

Following MckMama's lead, I'm starting Not Me! Mondays. If you want to get dirty and participate in the fun, too (and I hope you do!), go here to get the scoop. Sometimes it's just plain funny (or more like horrifying) to look back at my mishaps. Here I go... if you're not into dirty you might want to Stop. Here. I'll give you a little space to reconsider before moving on...

It has most certainly not been almost a week since G had a full-on, in-the-baby-tub bath. He'll get one tonight but I don't know why I would even need to say that because it has definitely not been that long.

And I know I did NOT leave his folded clothes on top of the reading basket in his room for, ohhh... half the week. Yeah, definitely wasn't me.

My clothes are clean and always put away so I most definitely did not use the dryer as my closet for the past three days. I always put my clothes straight away when the dryer buzzes. Got laundry? I'm on TOP of it!

I love to craft but if you're thinking that my dining room has been used as craft storage for the past two months, you would be oh so wrong. I would never use the dining room table for sewing storage. Ever.

We love food and we love t.v. but I would never even dream of eating on the couch. Every day and night. For every meal we eat at home. Just no. Absolutely not.

While all of the above things I didn't do might not seem too bad for some, this one also might not. I can in no way (AT ALL) relate to MckMama when I say that I would never, ever in a million years dream of using G's too-small diapers for something other than their intended purpose. And even if I did think to use them for something other than diapering (Paul uses them to clean up spilled Coke in his car), I wouldn't dream of posting about it on the www. Nope.

So... spill it! What did you not do last week?

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Three Scobeys said...

I did not pick out Bear's (my dog's) eye boogers and wipe them on Graham's pillow. I would NEVER do that...even if I felt too lazy to get out of bed and put them on a tissue...I just would not dream of it.