so many babies, so many reasons to craft

Remember way back when I was crafting? (You know, when I actually had time to craft. And by time I mean almost-no-time-at-all.) And how I was about to send out some gifts? Well, I finally did. And so now I can share.

It seems like everybody's havin' them some babies! The Scobeys are expecting a sweet little girl any time now so I thought maybe I should finally send her gift before she actually arrives. Also, Paul's cousin Betsy will be welcoming a baby boy in the next couple of months.

I know that all baby gifts are technically for the baby... but I'd rather give things that are helpful or provide a little sanity when the baby arrives. And, though you might initially think cutesie burp cloths to be excessive and silly, I can tell you right now that sometimes that was the one thing that made me not feel quite so bad when I was just a mere blob of sweatpants and spit up slumped in the corner of our couch. And if you have to wear the things on your shoulder for the next however-many months, you might as well look cute doing it, right? I received a few like this and I stand by my statement that they are one of my favorite baby gifts ever. Hence my decision to craft and let them take over my dining room table.

The Scobeys decided on a bird theme for their wee girl's nursery so in addition to paneled burp cloths, I appliqued a bird silhouette onto a 3-6 month onesie for little Evie (another one of my favorite baby things we received -- clothes bigger than 0-3 months). I made the stitching a little haphazard and left the cotton edges so that they will fray just a little bit with washing. (I guess the onesie really is for Evie after all.) Other sanity items for Ashley: LilyPadz (a real lifeshirt saver in those early weeks of nursing) and side-snap shirts for Evie (G was not a fan of clothes being forced over his floppy head so these were a must-have for us).

paneled burp cloths:

For Betsy, I sent three paneled burp cloths (two shown below) and since I'm not sure whether or not she intends to nurse, I got an Adiri nurser which is great for breast or bottlefeeding.

I'm getting better with the sewing machine and with summer upon me, I'll probably find a lot more time for it. But first, I am making baby shower invitations for Kathy's brother's baby who will be arriving at the end of the summer. (Random fact about me: I used to sell handmade greeting cards on Etsy and last summer I made 150 place cards and table cards for a wedding in New York City.) I'm a day behind on finishing the sample (I lost my vellum!) so I'll post when they're finished.

Who doesn't love babies??


Three Scobeys said...

Three things: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the burp clothes and onesie...the Lilypadz literally made me giggle I was so excited (I had been debating whether or not to get some)...and I cannot wait to see your stationary, I wish that you still had an Etsy store so I could look!!

Thank you so much. We are trying to plan a meet and greet trip to GA at the end of summer, I will keep you posted because G and E reallllly need to get their love connection on :)

Holli said...

These gifts are really good, I love them!

Anonymous said...

thank you SO much for doing those invitations for me! I can't wait to see them!

Lindsay Grimes said...

You're so creative and talented!