strollin' under the influence

If ever I regret not having taken a picture, it might have been yesterday.

Paul went to school so G and I were just chillin' like villains. Our neighborhood had a 'hood-wide garage sale and then a neighborhood social planned for the evening. We do have things we could sell but not quite enough to make a complete garage sale so we'll just save up for next year. Honestly, most of my sale-worthy goods are clothes, shoes and handbags that I could certainly get a little more money for at Plato's closet so that's my plan for the time between school is out and my surgery in June. Anyway... what I'm saying is we spent the morning walking around the 'hood, checking out other people's sales, talking to neighbors and generally enjoying the outdoors before it started raining. Once the rain came, we went to Barnes and Noble to look for baby books and flip through some magazines (maybe my favorite thing ever: rainy day + bookstore + good book/trashy magazine + seasonally appropriate beverage. Annnd yes, I know you're thinking, "You still don't have a baby book for G?!" Well... no, I don't, but I have been keeping record of all of his milestones and big firsts. Baby books are ugly and I'm holding out for a cute one. Or I'll give up and just make a photobook and somehow throw the milestones in there anway.) Ah-hem... anyway... back to my point of photo regret... or coulda-woulda-shoulda... or "how did I not see this coming?"...

In keeping with the relaxing spirit of the day (and my dwindling latte budget), I opted for a diet IBC Root Beer when we made our way to the BN cafe. After officially ruling out all of my baby book options and flipping through a few of my favorite home design magazines we left and went to the Old Navy next door in search of a bathing suit to hopefully flatter (camoflauge) the post-baby physique. As per usual for a Saturday, there were a good number of women and their daughters eyeing summer dresses, polos, etc... and, also usual for a Saturday out-and-about, I was getting a lot of curious looks which are usually either because I'm young ("is he... yours?") or because G is the cutest ever and everyone wants to gobble him up. Definitely didn't even cross my mind that I was pushing a stroller with what looked to be a cold beer in the mama cup holder. So when I finally realized what they were all looking at, I just silently begged to escape without some stranger scolding me. Well.. nore more than two minutes later, a woman with her tween-age daughter just had to offer her $.02: "Well I hope you're not driving." ... "Ummm, it's root beer?" I'm sure she just walked away thinking, "Riiiiight."

I so wish I had taken a picture of that because when I saw myself in the mirror after that I just had to laugh. I can't even make it sound as funny as it looked. But even though it was just root beer this time who's to say I won't make it an O'Doul's next time?? Hah.


Just the two of us! said...

hahaha What a jerklady! I get looks all the time with Syd because I "look young". I get the double-take or I see people trying to get a glimpse of my ring finger. Too bad I don't like root beer or I would be drinking that all day just to get the looks people give me! You should of said back to that lady, "why do you think I had kids.. HELLO DD!" hahahahahaha I bet she would have just exploded. hope life is going well!

Holli said...

Oh my god...that's SOOO funny! I'm cracking up as I type :)