everyday things that freak me out, part 2

I've been a slack blogger, forgive me. If you want to play the blame game, put your bets on Stephenie Meyer. The last three books in her Twilight series have been keeping an unbreakable hold on my free time lately. I bet there are entire blogs dedicated to their awesomeness.

6. The women from "The View." Help me. Is anyone NOT freaked out (even a little) by this bunch?

7. Leaving the house without pants on. My first thought is, "Who would do that?" but it frightens me no less.

8. Sauce. Barf. Don't even get me started on how many pieces of great sushi are ruined by sticky, questionable sauce. It doesn't even sound delicious .

9. Mayonnaise. The taste. The texture (barforrific). The way that, no matter how clean a sandwich-er you are, its greasy film always manages to coat the outside of the jar. Even typing this makes me want to scream. Maybe I have told this before but I will never ever EVER forget the one time my old roommate, K, dipped a knife in a jar of mayo and licked it right in front of me (she, very unlike me, loves mayonnaise). I may also never recover from the time I was making Paul a sandwich (or probably three, knowing his appetite) and a gelatinous glob of mayo landed on the top of my left foot. I don't care who you are, that stuff is freaky.

10. Spiders. When I see a spider in the house at 9am sometimes I have trouble sleeping at night, fearing there might be more hiding in the bed sheets. I don't even want to admit how many times I woke up the night after Paul found a black widow in our yard. Irrational, I know.

11. Oprah. Or should I say, "OhhhhPPPRUUUHHHHHHHH!" One of the most dangerously powerful women in the world. There are too many reasons I could give on this one. Now keep in mind, I didn't say that I hate her show. Though I don't like it most of the time, every now and then there is a little jewel of an afternoon hour that I can spend with her show and actually enjoy it.

You may think I'm being a little Negative Nancy harping on all of these everyday things that I loathe but never fear, my favorite and most beloved every day things are coming soon... you know, once I am no longer prey to the fictional world of Edward Cullen. ;) (I really should stop using emoticons but I just can't help myself.)

Celebration post coming soon!


And before I forget, congratulations are in order for the Scobeys! Their sweet baby girl finally decided to make her grand debut! Congratulations, Scobey fam!


Anonymous said...

A] If you didn't know this already I totally stalk you and read your blog like everyday.
B] Mayonnaise is totally disgusting and gross and if I got it on my foot I'd freak out too. And yes the View ladies are creepy!

Katie F. said...

i still love mayonnaise just as much as i did when we lived together. ahaha. it is simply one of my favorite foods!!

agh said...

Toria! I love that you read my blog. :)