Questions, part 1

My youngest sister-in-law, Emma, left with G a little while ago and I was already crying before she even pulled out of the driveway. It's going to be at least four to five days before I even get to see him and probably another week beyond that before I will hold him. Today, G and I went to Target for a few last minute hospital things and I got a little weepy, so I hoped that was me "getting it out of my system." Apparently not. So, now I am blogging to keep my mind busy. And, boy, I've got my work cut out for me because some of the questions I've gotten on comments, texts and email are pretty heavy stuff. Definitely might take me a few days to process a couple of them. But, in the meantime, I'll get to the first installment. If you come up with more questions to keep my soon-to-be-idle hands busy, you can always leave them in the comments, text, Twitter, email, Facebook... you know, any and all forms of social media that totally captivate my internet life. :) Round one, here we go...

1) Can you post pictures of your tattoos, or are they in un-postable spots? How long did it take you to decide what you wanted and where you wanted them? I can "soytanly" post some pictures. None of them are in inappropriate places. I thought about all of them for (probably) a year or so? The first, I had no part in designing, the second (though simple) was my own and the third I needed help to finalize. The decision on where to get them is always easy... I go by what I call the Wedding Dress Rule. If you can see it when I'm in my wedding dress, it is inappropriately placed. Really, if you can see a tattoo when I'm wearing any dress, it is too much. I love tattoos but when I am with a person, or presenting myself to someone professionally, I want their focus to be on me, not on my tattoo. And I just realized it's pretty hard to take a picture of a specific place on your own body so the quality of the first one is pretty horrid but you'll get the idea.

This little dove is on my hip. She's pretty small (probably a little less than 2" x 2") and I did absolutely no designing on this one. I really didn't have to because it was almost exactly as I wanted. My only request was that there be no olive branch.

My second, I don't have a picture, is a celtic cross on my back (also very small). Like birds, I am always fascinated by celtic crosses... no rhyme or reason, I just love them. This one I took to a guy with exactly what I wanted and he drew it up for me and while intricate crosses are beautiful, for gaudyness' sake I wanted to keep this one simple.

And my third, prettiest and largest (about 5-6" width and length), is an old sailor-style swallow on my back right "love handle" area. (This would be the one that surprises people the most and the one that, if she had her way, my mom would force me to remove. She hates tattoos, even if she never even sees them.) On this one I needed help with the design as I am not quite the gifted artiste. Traditionally, this style of swallow has three colors -- deep red, green and yellow (and you'll also see a lot of blue substituting for the green). But I am a lover of brighter, more upbeat coloring and happy detailing. I think I went two or three different times before we got the final image. I was going to go with a traditional three colors -- minty green, brassy yellow and bright red -- but I really wanted to throw the purple in for some contrast with the mint green. My favorite. (This picture was taken the day it was done so the colors pop a little more than they do now.)

(by Lance at Sacred Heart II here in Athens)

2) What are your favorite and least favorite things about teaching? Wow, this is a tough one. I actually have a post scheduled to go up later (next week) about one of the many things I've learned over the past year (my first year teaching). I'm just starting a whole new "series" about this called Student of Teaching (or What Teaching Taught Me), which I'll explain in that post. But, if I'm keeping it short (ha, riiight)...

One of my favorite things, but maybe the biggest growing pain of all, is patience. Before I started teaching, I maybe would have used "patient" to describe myself. And, if you had asked me to describe myself again in August of last year, that word would not have even made the list. Teaching is easy. Yep, you heard me right... teaching is the easy part and requires very little to no patience at all. But teaching a student how to learn is a different story completely. And getting them to actually enjoy the process? Now THAT takes patience. Took patience. And is still teaching me patience. I know I've got a long way to go before I perfect the art of patience but I've skipped across a thousand oceans from where I was in August. Like I said, a whole 'nother post coming about this one but it would fall under one of my favorite things/lessons learned.

One of my least favorite things... discipline. For the most part, if you come out of the gate with high expectations... a good percentage of the students will live up to that. But, there are some that, for many reasons I'll never understand, have so much trouble with school. Not always with the learning but with the structure. I taught a lot of students who have no structure at home, don't even know what "consequence" means. This whole concept of "discipline" will be coming up in my little lessons learned series but it is definitely one of my least favorite things.

Teaching has broadened my sense of humor and given me a little more compassion. But really... my absolute favorite thing might be hearing their fart jokes... ;)

Okay, folks, that's all I got. New Moon awaits me... (yes, I am finally on the Twilight bandwagon, now leave me alone).

Tomorrow, at an ungodly hour of the morning, I will wake up and check-in at Emory for my embolization. If I remember the computer and have working internet, I will post and let you all know how it went. Otherwise, I will see you on the other side of my surgery at some point later in the week. :) Much love, blog friends.


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sweeet the Twilight series has claimed another.

Kelly Korell said...

Good luck tomorrow!!