teething is so 2008

Gray is lucky right now for two reasons:
1. He is ridiculously cute.
2. Saintly people somewhere in baby land make "teething toys" that are not liquid-filled "teething rings."

If it were not for these two things, Gray would be screaming in teethie horridness in our coat closet while I rip my hair out and throw all of our breakables out the living room window.

There is just no other way to say it: teething bites. I'm over it. New trend, please.

Most teething toys/rings I've seen are made of hard plastic or filled with liquid so that you can throw them in the fridge and, minutes later, somehow attach them to your baby's gums in hope of a few fuss-free minutes. It's a good idea, and I'm assuming that most parents find this to be a successful teething strategy, but so far this just doesn't fly with G. He plays with the teething ring(s) for a little while in his hands which is great for distraction but that's about it. He's not a fan of the cold-plastic-in-mouth thing yet. Maybe soon, I'm still holding on.

Enter the RaZberry.

If I were a G Baby, I would love it for (at least) these few reasons:
1. It's like a pacifier.
2. Silicone is softer than plastic and, other than flesh, that's what he's used to.
3. Real raspberries are delicious and, not to mention, super cute.
4. Little Mr. Independent can hold it himself.

But since I'm not G Baby, I love it for these reasons:
1. It's cheap.
2. It's cuter than the average teething ring. (How shallow of me, I know.)
3. It's made of one piece of silicone so no worries about detached parts becoming a choking hazard. (These are my thoughts now? Hm.)
4. G can hold it, play with it, throw it on the floor and (most importantly, obvi) put-in-mouth all by himself.
5. It stops the fussing! (Which makes me think, Who cares if it's cute?)

Seriously, this thing is the bomb.com. Which is why I have two. And want to buy stock and 8 bazillion more.


(If you have a weird aversion to raspberries, the Born Free silicone teether (which we affectionately refer to as "the chew bone" around here) is pretty good too. But at more cost and with less cuteness.)

EDIT:: Did I ever update my faithful readers on the rescheduled surgery dates? Not sure if I did... I guess I could look through old entries but I am way too lazy for all of that business right now.

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