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First let me say that I do not like mess. I hate clutter. And I hate grime. But mostly clutter. And then let me say that even though I do, really, hate clutter... our house is, a lot of the time and especially recently, messy. But would I ever dream of letting my office become a dumping ground for all of our miscellaneous odds and ends? No way! Not me! ;) And I certainly would not let said doodads accumulate to create a mountain of disastrous mess. Once I was officially done with work for the summer and happily realized I had two weeks before my surgery to tackle this horrible, no good, very bad condition of my office, I jumped right on it! I mean, I would never let that snowball keep rolling for yet another week!

Okay, so maybe I did. But maybe today is a Not Me! Monday party and I can cry deny it if I want to. Or I could just let you see it. (I will probably regret this.)

For what seems like forever I've been wanting to get into my office and purge, clean, re-arrange, decorate and set it up so that I can use it more productively to organize bills/important papers and to, what else?, craft somewhere that is NOT my dining room table. After one big day and a few days of crafting to test out the new arrangement (Of course it was only for official and productive purposes. Never would I ever spend half a day craft-shopping and then crafting upstairs when there is so much laundry to be folded and put away. Definitely not.) I am mostly done. It could use a new bookshelf and splash of color (seriously, all of the walls in this house were this color when I moved in... what the fresca is that about?). And maybe, cough, a table whole space station especially for crafting but that is another project for another day and for now, I am pretty happy with it. So, without further ado, here is a visual progression of my office:

And finally some sanity (although I've already done more rearranging since this picture yesterday... the point is that it is much cleaner):

The armchair is still filled with pictures and frames that need to be filled and hung. And don't worry, that box under the table isn't a dumping ground, it's just slowly accumulating things I'm taking to my classroom in the fall.

Clear desk, clear mind. (Hopefully.)

If you follow me on Twitter, I may have promised to post a crafting entry about some handmade jewelry/craft madness, buuut that might just have to wait until tomorrow. :)

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Just the two of us! said...

lol I like how Baby G is part of the clutter picture!! He is ADORABLE!! Your office looks awesome! I am jealous of your nice clean desk!!