I seriously cannot get enough of this blog. If you haven't heard Stellan's story, let me just tell you it had me in tears on my lunch break last week. Maybe because I see the tiniest bit of Grayson in many of the pictures of Stellan but that makes it no less moving. I love reading his story and I could go on forever about the ways MckMama has captured many of my thoughts in her older posts but I won't. Just go check it out for yourself, you won't be sorry! Lots of blog love to Stellan, he's going home! :)


Three Scobeys said...

I love the new blog layout. You are so close to the summer...I know that it is stressful but you are going to make it and then you get a few months off just to cuddle with your baby boy! I wish that he and Evie could meet when she gets here. We will have to make that happen one day (perhaps over Thanksgiving). Anyways, I am sending you a lot of love and hoping that the stress goes away soon!

hebert said...

Yes, so close I can smell it! And I don't even HAVE a sense of smell.

And YOU are so close to meeting Evie!! I cannot wait to virtually meet that little girl and SO want her to meet Gray, too!