losing it

What. A. Week.

The past week tested me. Big time. Only 15 more days with the students. 15 more days... 15 more days... 15... more... DAYS! I could go and tell you details but suffice to say I was literally pulling my hair out at my desk Friday afternoon. Which does not need to be happening because...

my hair is falling out all on its own. Like... a LOT of it. My non-prego readers might not know this... (most of the time) when you're pregnant your hair does not "shed" or fall out like normal, giving the illusion of thicker and more lucious, voluminous locks. Apparently, a few months post partum, your hair then falls out. In smal chunks. And then in huge chunks that tickle my back like a spider causing me to FREAK out. It falls out when I'm sleeping, in the car, in the kitchen (yum?), at school, at the computer, in the shower -- ESPECIALLY in the shower... it just falls out. So much of it has been falling out in the shower that I have to scoop it up off of the drain mid-rinse because the water starts backing up. This is hard for me because I HATE hair. Well, I love hair on the head but I hate hair. Almost nothing is more disgusting than a pile of hair and soap scum on the shower drain. Gets my gag reflex every time. But the only thing I hate more in the shower is standing water so I deal and pick it up. If only the weight just fell off like the hair... I only have a few more pounds to go but gosh are they pesky little ell bees.

In an effort to keep me from going to negative town about the past week, I am going to upload pictures while G-licious continues to nap. More positive, interesting, picture-loaded post coming later.

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Holli said...

Oh I had this SAME problem after I was pregnant.....its SOOOO not fun. I also hate hair so I know what misery you are going thru!!