i smell like maple syrup

Fenugreek makes me smell like maple syrup. I read that somewhere when I started taking it (to boost supply for breastfeeding) but since I do not really possess a sense of smell (really, I don't) I didn't think too much about it. Until Paul was all, "Why do you smell like maple syrup?" I couldn't think why because... pleasedon'thurtme I do NOT like syrup. I am a texture girl and syrup just doesn't make the cut. Anyway, I stopped taking it for a few days and when my supply dipped a little again I got the bottle and all of the sudden, "Ohhhhhhh THAT'S why I smell like syrup."

So... there it is. My sweat smells like IHOP.

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JAAG said...

Ah yes, the wonderful smell of fenugreek! That made me NUTS!