spring break, i love thee

Day one of spring break (I said that Oprah-style in my head). Amen. I thought it would never come. Some new posts coming soon over the break but for now... a few photos:

(Hi, my name is Cute.)

I've been crafting a little here and there for some of my friends who are having or who recently had a baby. Some sneak peeks (I don't want to post about anything until they have been sent and received):

And this is not currently a gift. It's a tissue holder for my purse. I'm going to make another with a strap for the diaper bag.


Holli said...

You are very creative!! Cute stuff..... :)

And how sweet is he in these pictures...awww!!

Lindsay Grimes said...

Amanda that's awesome. You are so talented. I had no clue you could sew like that. I swear you can turn anything into something amazing!

And clearly G is as cute as ever!