Here are the loads of pictures I promised... of no particular theme on any certain order

Gray really loves his silver rattle. This was one of the things I was really hoping he would enjoy because it's one of my favorite things he got at the baby shower(s). (I say that a lot, don't I? I guess everything is my favorite in one way or another haha.) Jessica gave us this with his name and initials engraved on the sides. Such a classic gift.

One of the many faces he makes lately

Contorting his body so he can see the TV

I could post a million of these pictures. But I will just stick to a few. He LOVES to stand up.

He looooves this lion toy. It growls when you move it and has a thousand and one little plastic teething-like pieces, ribbons, different textures, etc.

And he really loves to chew on our fingers

Naked G is my fave

My parents kept G last night and had a photoshoot with him this morning... his clothes engulf him and make him look like the hugest baby on the face of the earth. I promise he is not obese. I bet this was interesting times...

Sad face

And now a random one of my dad. He is currently refusing to cut his hair. Doesn't he look a little like a hippie?

And that's all I have the energy for.
Three more weeks, three more weeks...

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Anonymous said...

why on earth is he refusing to cut his hair?!

yes he does look like a hippie! haha