babywearing, take... oh, i lost count

Not sure how many times I've talked about babywearing in the past few months but I will probably talk about it a zillion more because I just love wearing Gray SO much! Before this week, I've been wearing him because he loves it and wants to be close to me while we run errands or take a walk. Or sometimes because he's not having the best day I pop him in the sling or Bjorn when I need to get things done. But this week, for whatever reason, I have been feeling a new attachment to G. I seriously cannot keep myself away from this baby. So even though he was having a big time playing by himself on the floor palette I had just laid out for him, I scooped him up, plopped him in the sling and went about my business because I just could not keep my hands off of this precious boy!

babywearing photo ops. it's tough sweatin' to the oldies.

I love him and our little family so much sometimes it hurts and I have to mentally pinch myself to make sure that this is my baby, my family, my life. Looking through pictures, sometimes I still don't believe it. My life is so full I don't know how I could ever want anything more than what I already have. How did I get so lucky to be Mama to this fun baby boy? So lucky to be Wife to my loving husband? I know there will be so many times that I forget all of this but right now, I'm in the moment and I love it.

*The sling I'm using in the picture above is the Munchkin Jelly Bean sling. Which, after testing 24230948 jillion slings, I've found that this one is not-so-great for the newborn stage/cradle carry that I used the Eddie Bauer sling for but IS really nice for the side/hip carry because the sling can still provide a little extra structure while he supports himself. And if you're into cute and reversible, it's a winner.

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Just the two of us! said...

I loved the slings too! My favorite the Baby Borjn because it kept baby Sydney close to me and I could flip up the top around her head so creepers could not come up and touch her!! I do not know if you have had this issue but when Syd was little a least once a day a stranger would walk up and want to touch her [without asking I might add]. Usually they were old sickly looking women too. BLEK!!! BE AWARE BE VERY AWARE! lol