spring break cuteness

I know I sort of promised a G-related blog today. It's gonna be a short one. How about I just post some pictures of our Spring Break fun?

I just wanna dance.

Loves looking in the mirror now. (Except today... he cried.)

Maybe the cutest face ever.

Loves the Bumbo sitter. Like a big boy.

He was such a diva that day.

Easter lunch at my parents' house. Sittin with his Glam'ma.
(I don't think I've mentioned this yet but yes, for now we are calling Paul's mom Glam'ma. Sounds like grandma but much more GLAM haha! It started as a little joke from some of her friends at work but it just kinda stuck. I think it's pretty cute. And should G have a little speech delay with his r's, we're golden.)

Smiling at his daddy. Such a happy babe.

We have to take our own mama-G photos. Waiting in the car at the driving range.

Playing with his new toy from Glam'ma.

Burp cloths are actually toys.

I'm sure this is not interesting for my currently child-free friends but G reached another important milestone... he's been able to roll from belly to back for just a short while now but is already rolling from back to belly! Finally did it completely by himself on Friday night, it was awesome. And, though not a milestone, he is wanting to suck on EVERYTHING. Reaching for things to put in his mouth already. Here we go...

And I'm spent. More later but not promising when.


Lindsay Grimes said...

Like I've said, G is so cute...and he has such a fun personality! Love the picture of the two of you. And Glam'ma is awesome.

Holli said...

How serioulsy cute is your kid Amanda!!! I love seeing these pictures...reminds me of when my nephew was this age. :)