finger puppets, anyone?

Finger puppets for G! Man, these are a total throwback.

I love them. And, apparently, there is many a website dedicated to puppets and finger puppets for babies. After having Gray, I'm seriously considering a career switch. The baby industry is where it's at. Or at least where all the money's at.

Speaking of money, Old Navy is having a pretty insane sale on almost everything right now (including the puppets pictured above). I could have seriously bought almost everything I saw. But I finally just settled on a top and a pair of pants for my return to work. Work, here I come, whether I like it or not.

Random note... Kooza in four days!

And on another completely random note, I cannot get "La'Saaaaarah!" out of my head today.
Boop boop HOOP YEA!
(above links are not child appropriate)


Three Scobeys said...

holy crap I went on Thursday and got evie 12 outfits for $40!!!! Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

my work blocks facebook and such so i figured i'd sent this link here just in case you haven't seen them.