i'm a mom (part 1)

Over the past couple of weeks I've had more than one moment where I either looked at Grayson or saw the carseat in the rearview mirror and thought, I'm a Mom. When did that HAPPEN?! For the most part, this realization has been gradual. A process. But last night, it kind of snapped and wrapped up the whole deal in the most hilarious moment. And so I snapped a picture:

That's my son (my WHAT?) on his Grandpa Gauntt's lap. That stain on his onesie? Yea, it's what it looks like. And his face? So pissed.

Insert this moment into a blind spot in my I'm a mom? thought process and instead of seeing me snatch him up and zip to the changing table, or maybe wanting to gag a little when I wonder Whoa, how did THAT happen?!, you see me laughing and running for the camera to get this priceless reaction (his and mine unseen) on the memory card. Let's put that in the baby book. (Or not.)

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