let's play catch-up

Whew, it's been a while... we've been a little busy.

Let's play catch-up... "fun thing" style (part of my "positive thinking" resolution).

Tuesday... honestly, I can't even remember if I got out of bed on Tuesday, is that bad?

Wednesday: my 6-week post partum appointment. Doesn't sound like a fun thing but I got a lot of things including the o.k. to exercise and... waaait for it... birth control! I love me some Gray Baybay but I have NO desire to be pregnant again anytime soon (though lately I have been missing my G Baby Belly and silently admiring every cute prego belly I see... but that is another blog. And still not enough to make me want another baby right now.).

Thursday... I'll start with the NOT fun thing: my return to work. Boo! Actually, not so bad. The students were all (well, maybe not ALL) excited to see me and we spent the day talking about what they learned, what they've been up to, looking at pictures of Gray (they are all so excited about him... is that weird to you?)... easy day. It was pretty hard to leave in the morning. He was awake when I left and in a sleepy-kind-of smiley-mode so all I wanted to do was curl up with him. But knowing he would be with Paul all day made it a lot easier to go.

Thursday's super fun thing: date night! Paul and I had a big evening in Atlantic Station. My parents were awesome and watched Gray for the evening while we ate quite the delicious meal at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro. Followed by walking through Bodies: The Exhibition. And ending with Kooza under the Cirque du Soleil tent. (!) When I saw the tent, I was filled with an excitement that must rival an MTV Spring Break-er.

Delightfully creepy, yes?

Kooza was pretty much everything I'd hoped for. My favorites acts were Contortion (even more awesome than I'd ever imagined... the way they move and bend is total insanity!), the Unicycle Duo and, of course, the Wheel of Death (this was Paul's favorite, by far). All of it was very cool. Pretty funny, too. I think one of the things they did with Kooza was really bring in a lot of "clowning" which was pretty cute and very entertaining, especially before the show started. I loved it! Totally recommend going if you're looking for a fun night on the town. I was definitely worn down by the time it was over, though. Paul and G went home and I spent the night at my parents to get up for work the next day. I slept for almost six full hours. Uninterrupted. Amen.

Yesterday's fun thing I can't really use for a while... my mom got us the French Beaba Babycook (I told you guys she is awesome)! I don't normally eat baby food but I think now might be a good time to start just so I can unleash my inner baby chef. Ohmygod I want to steam and puree everything in my kitchen. Anybody down for some pureed sweet peas?

And today I just stayed at the house and loved on G all day. He was a little fussy most of the day but I guess he knows I've missed him a lot because this is what I woke up to this morning:
From february 09

He's so awesome.

Posting will probably be less frequent with my return to work but don't worry... my students have already given me some pretty funny material. There is a random student who stops by my room everyday to chat up her BFF before class. Last semester she was always commenting on my belly, how huge it had gotten and wondering when the baby was coming. Yesterday, this was our interaction:

Student: So... have you had your baby yet?
Me: ...seriously?!

I thought I was doing pretty well with the whole post-baby body thing but now I wonder... do I really still look pregnant??


Holli said...

You are hilarious!! I love your blog....thanks for sharing your week. :)

stephleighjenkins said...

Love hearing about your week. Donna loved telling us stories about Baby G while she was here last week and she brought lots of pictures too.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha "so have you had your baby yet?" hahahahaha.

you finally made it to bodies! what did you think?