From february 09
That's G in my favorite of all of his baby outfits. I frantically put him in it and took pictures after finding out (trial and error) that he is already too big for one of his newborn-size sleepers. Of course, since it's my favorite... it was the day he chose to have an epic blowout on the changing table while Paul's mom was babysitting during my dermatologist appointment yesterday afternoon. Kinda glad I wasn't here for that one, haha!

Short story of my appointment today is that he doesn't know. I need a CT scan and then a needle biopsy of the enlarged node. He gave me what he thought to be the best and worst case scenarios and even if it is the worst case that he mentioned, it is manageable. Not exactly fun times but hopefully nothing to get really worked up over.

In more exciting news, Gray and I FINALLY have a few pictures together:

From february 09

From february 09

I have more but I'm spent.


Three Scobeys said...

I will be praying for you that it is the best case, most manageable scenario. I love that outfit in the first picture!!

Lindsay Grimes said...

That's good news from the doctor that even the worst case scenario is manageable...and I'll keep praying that it turns out to be the best case. The pictures of you and Gray are cute...love the first one!

stephleighjenkins said...

Hey! I'm so glad that the doctor's appointment went ok. I also can't get over how big Grayson is getting. He seems like he's changed so much.

AGH said...

I know, he is getting SO big! I weighed him with and then without me on the scale... 11.2 pounds! geeeez