georgia peeps, i want to know...

During the crazy thunderstorms/tornado warnings/wind/hail... did you make a plan and take cover or did you go outside to watch the action? Or did you do nothing and carry on with whatever you were doing at the time?

When I got the UGA Alert phone call (I still get them even though I'm no longer a student) I turned on the t.v. to watch the weather, got a little bit freaked, took G, G's carseat and some blankets to the downstairs hallway and then went back upstairs for some couch pillows when I couldn't resist... I had to go outside and have a looksie. I came back in five seconds later to continue "sheltering" and even though I could see that my part of the county was pretty much in the clear, I kinda wondered if I was an idiot for doing stepping outside or if I was being too paranoid since I could see that we were back in the green/there was almost nothing at all on the radar over us or the surrounding counties. We got some pretty intense wind with thunder and lightning. One big thunder scared me half to death but G was completely unaffected... he slept through the whole thing! In fact, he slept for about 4.5 hours in one stretch!

Today, G and Stanie had their first official meet and greet... lots of baby gurgles, sniffing, jealous whining and everything...
From february 09

Here's one I caught of Gray mid-sneeze. So cute (maybe my most overused words during the past five and a half weeks)...
From february 09


Update from today's appointment: The films show what looks very characteristic of what's called a carotid body tumor/paraganglioma. They're pretty sure that's what it is but I guess we won't actually know for sure until it's in pathology. Pretty rare but usually benign. Either way it needs to be taken out so they can biopsy it to be sure and also because they can become neurologically active (cause my body to release hormones or it could cause dysphagia... things like that). But because it's on the carotid artery there's obviously a bleeding issue. So... he's referring the situation to a head and neck surgeon at Emory. He couldn't get me in with her until March 12th so I guess it will still be a few weeks before we know what the plan will actually look like. Again, the good news seems to be that if he's right that it's probably a carotid body tumor, they are almost always benign. The not-so-comforting part is the risk with it being on the carotid artery. A possible option for the surgery is to cut off the blood supply to the tumor before it is cut out to lower the risk of bleeding, etc. But these are all probablies/ifs/whatifs... we won't know the dealio for sure until I get to see the surgeon at Emory. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers, guys, I appreciate it!

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