our bean sprout

Our little bean sprout is three weeks old (technically yesterday)! The days are really flying by now and I can't believe I only have three more weeks at home with him before I have to go back to work. That's going to be a hard day but I'm trying not to really think about it yet.

Tonight, we went to Adam's to watch the Super Bowl and Emma babysat G. Our first time really away from G. We've been out once together and then separately, but always to do errands and make appointments, not for anything social. The Super Bowl was very low key -- we picked up dinner on the way there, ate, watched the game, sat around and talked a little. The careerbuilder commercial was my favorite, it was so funny! I'm not so much into pro football so I was zoning out a little and missing G when I got this picture in a text from Emma:

He was making gassy faces haha
From Baby Grayson

We had a really good time just getting out together and being with people we haven't seen in a while. Honestly, I was tired when we left and when we were eating but just being with people was really what I needed. I was feeling a little renewed when we left to come home. Of course, nothing compared to seeing this when we got home:
From Baby Grayson

G just ate again and we're waiting for a good burp so we can put him down and then put ourselves down, too. I just had to post a little update on our sprout. Yesterday, I just did a rough weight check by stepping on the scale with and then without him... and if our scale is accurate, he weighs a full 11 lbs now -- check out that double chin! He is growing like a weed!

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Shannon said...

He is so precious! And it was so good to see you guys — I hope it happens again before graduation! :)