i love it

Just a few pictures from the last two days...

Today, we went on an outing to Mall of Georgia. Paul got off super late last night so we left him to get some zzz's. Met up with Brittany at Nordstrom for a little gal pal time (and I had to get another one of those blankets I'm in love with) . Stopped by my parents' afterward so they could love on him and also because he's never been there before today! (Lots of firsts... first trip out of Athens, first time at my parents', first trip to the mall...). Got another sweet picture of my mom with Grayson:

Stanie was busy getting dirty outside so we didn't introduce him to G, but I still had to get a picture of my favorite dogga. His hair is getting so long!

And from yesterday... Chunky G!

And still no picture but G smiled a few more times tonight for Paul to see. He is SO cute with his smile! I love it so much. We feel like he is a real baby now ;)

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Katie said...

i love that picture of your mom. and i especially love that picture of the stanie dogga! i miss him! <3!!