35 weeks today! And "uncomforably energetic!"

Last night, Paul and I had a kind of date night. We went to dinner at Carrabba's and ate as if we had never seen food before. Miserably full but glad we had a little "date"... we don't know when it will be our last one sans baby. :)

Slept horribly last night. I woke up at 2am with so much energy and couldn't go back to sleep for about an hour. Woke up later to Paul snoring (he very rarely snores so I knew he must have been stopped up and really tired). And then woke up again for no reason. I really hope this will not be a nightly occurence for the rest of my pregnancy. All I could think about when I was lying in bed for the last hour before I finally got up was that Powerthirst video when he says "uncomfortably energetic!!" Pretty much sums up how I felt.

G Baby still feels pretty low so I think it really is safe to say that he has dropped and probably isn't going to go back to a view from the top. Lots of "practice" contractions (Braxton Hicks) and a LOT of lower back pain. Some other changes, but those are the most persistent. My 35 week appointment is on Wednesday afternoon and after that I will be going once a week until I deliver. Hopefully they will be able to tell me something about all of these changes or else I will just hear that all of these symptoms are normal and it could be several weeks. Who knows.

Thursday, after school, my mentor is hosting a baby shower for me mostly for our department but the other staff are also invited. I still need to develop the pictures that my aunt took at our family shower and then remember to bring my camera on Thursday so I can post pictures. We have already been given SO MUCH from our friends and families! It really is unbelievable. This boy is already so spoiled and he doesn't even know. :)

Now, I'm working on two Eligibility/IEPs that are on Tuesday (IEP Online is now accessible from home... probably not a good thing because I will end up working at home, but it sure is convenient right now). These are the most complicated ones I've had to do so far and I'm not sure I'm even doing them right, but I want to at least have everything completed by tomorrow so I can take it to my mentor (who is awesome, I don't know how I'd do all of this stuff without her). And, I keep thinking, "just in case..." Just one more week before finals!

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