still cookin'

The main update you want: Still no sign of the littlest Hebert. Last night, I swear I thought I was going to have this baby, though. I got some insane cramps that started in my back, wrapped around the side and then kept my stomach tight for about 30 seconds. From all of the descriptions I've heard, those sound like labor contractions but they were still pretty far apart (a little more than 10 minutes) and I was able to go to sleep. Woke up with nothing so either they were not contractions or they fizzled out haha.

Christmas was great! We spent time with Paul's dad on Christmas Eve since he was leaving for the bayou on Christmas morning. Went to Utage for some sushi (cooked fish in mine, don't worry) and then we watched National Treasure on the tube at home. He gave us some of the most thoughtful gifts for the house, it was so sweet! Seriously, I have some great in-laws. We spent lunchtime and most of the afternoon on Christmas Day with my parents -- ham, a potato dish, a broccoli dish, cheesecake... it was good. And my parents went insane with the gift giving, too. Thoughtful gifts for both Paul and I and even little G (my mom can't resist. For dinner, we went to Paul's mom's house -- more great food, I was so full! We are waiting to do Christmas over there until Becca is here from Louisiana in January, but Paul's mom already gave us one thing -- an ornament that has a picture of us at our wedding and our names and date on it. I don't know how they manage to print that on an ornament but it's pretty neat.

Short update, I'm off to get my hair cut. :)

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