I want to go see this.
Any takers?

I have always been captivated by Cirque du Soleil for some reason. I want to see one of their traveling shows so bad! The circus arts are just so entertaining for some reason. Lots of color, lots of emotion and a whole lotta strange. I love it!

I also want to go see Bodies The Exhibition before it leaves town again. Probably even more than I want to see Kooza. I didn't go last time it was here and I regret it. Now it is here again until March so I have no excuse! I believe one of the other resource teachers took some of her science students on a field trip to see it. One of my students asked me about the Bodies exhibit a few weeks ago and when I got really excited the whole class thought I was creepy and insane. I think I can talk Paul into seeing this one with me. But Kooza, not so much.

Tomorrow, I go to my 36 week appointment. What I expect to hear is definitely not what I want to hear, but we will see. (What I want: "Any day!" What I expect: "Shut tight. Don't hold your breath.") If there's any news to report, I'll post.

The best news to report right now: only two days left of the semester! I'm doing all of my over-thinking over the next two days so that I can successfully NOT think over the break and on maternity leave. I can't wait for all of the maxin' and relaxin' I'm going to do as I rot my brain with magazines and t.v. while I wait for this baby to come. Glorious.


Anonymous said...

for the next 2 weeks i have 5 day weekends...so i'm hoping i'll get to catch up on shows and rot my brain out as well..haha

good luck with finals season!

Lindsay Grimes said...

I will totally go to Cirque with you!!! I've always wanted to see a Cirque show!

Betül said...

I just got back from the Kooza show. What a magic! It was marvelous! I was googling about the show, now, since I didn't want to spoil it beforehand, and I ended up in your blog. :)

I also have seen Bodies the Exhibition last year. It is rather against moral issues to me (long story) but that was a total piece of scientific art too.