interesting week...

It's been an up and down kind of week:

-Monday: The start of the last week of school before finals. This meant a little more mental effort on my part to keep the students busy and out of trouble (until today -- blank stares all day and a few long faces).

-Tuesday: Weird day with a weird elig./IEP meeting to cap it off. Nothing to write about.

-Wednesday -- took a fall at school as I was walking into my classroom and then spent 3 hours hooked up to monitors in labor and delivery at the hospital. Everything is fine, no harm done. My doctor said that whenever you take a fall, especially when you land on your back or side (which I did), she wants the patient to be monitored for about 3-4 hours to be sure there is no bleeding behind the placenta or elsewhere. Baby Grayson's heartbeat is awesome -- "happy as a clam." I'm having contractions but they are still really weak and irregular. They started to get a bit uncomfortable at the hospital -- a little more than "uncomfortable" but not quite painful (which is good because they will definitely only get more painful from here). Not dilated at all. Could be a few days, could be a few weeks... it's just a waiting game and I'd be fine if he waited at least a week until he's officially full term. So, that's what's up with the little guy... despite the spill I took everything looks great.

-Thursday (yesterday) -- I was pretty tired all day long from Wednesday's little mishap. I just didn't get any quality sleep or rest I guess. But my day got better as the day went on. My mentor gave me a baby shower for our department and some of the other teachers and staff. I really did not expect very many people to come because I am new so most of the other teachers do not know me very well and I just didn't think too many people came to these at the school for whatever reason. But I was SO wrong! A lot of people came and gave so much for Gray! Seriously, I cannot even express how loved we feel after all of these showers and gifts from friends and family. It is insane! Yesterday's shower yielded a huge box of over 500 wipes in addition to 6 packs of about 80 wipes each... you do the math. That is a ton of wipes! And we also got a lot more diapers in several different sizes which is great. We will not have to buy diapers for a while, that's for sure. And, of course, lots of cute fun things for him. I'm telling you... people LOVE babies!

-Today -- Great day! I can now start my one-handed countdown to Christmas (or Winter, whaever) Break! 5 more school days!

Tomorrow, I am sleeping in! And I am going to take it all in -- I never know when it will be the last time I get to just lie in bed on a Saturday... then I'll get real and do my mountain of laundry and work on more thank you notes. Tomorrow night we are going to Paul's work Christmas party near Lake Lanier. It should be fun and it's an excuse for me to actually get a little bit dressed up. :) Hopefully I will remember to take pictures.

(I promise I will eventually try to post pictures from the baby showers once I get some of them developed and scanned.)

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