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36 weeks today! And I am not looking forward to counting weeks four more times if my body is going to hurt like this for the remainder. One more week, though, and G will officially be full term! So that's one more week of counting to be happy about and then we start the bonus round of the waiting game. My next appointment is on Thursday afternoon with one of my favorite doctors in the practice. Hopefully, I'll have something new to report on the little fella.

All I can really say about this part is that my body HURTS. I am trying not to complain because I am well aware how lucky I am to have had a pregnancy so free of pain and complications up to this point. The only things I've had to really deal with: a little bit of morning sickness that was easily curable by snacking every two to three hours, some minimal ligament pain (not fun but didn't last long), early contractions (dehydration from stomach bug), and then my little tumble last week that landed me in labor & delivery for monitoring. Other than that... it's been smooth sailing so far. But I'm hoping this will be a part of pregnancy that I conveniently forget because now it's hard for me to even get dressed without a lot of pain or falling over. This morning I bent over to put one leg in my lounge pants and I actually got "stuck." Stuck like it hurt so bad I could not stand up = no fun. After I post this, I am giving in and going to CVS to get doctor-approved Tylenol and a heating pad for my back.

This week I actually remembered to take pictures of the nursery in progress. Paul is going to put the glider together this week so that will replace the rocking chair. And we really need to put a few things on the wall (but that is really something we need to do all over the house). Other than that everything is put away and good to go. :) (Note: I was not trying to be artistic in the pictures below... my layout just doesn't like the picture size, I guess... click on the picture if you want the full view.)

The swing will go downstairs once he gets here.

The changing table (thanks, Katie!).

Crib... with his little "taggies" blanket hanging on the rail... apparently babies love those things

And in case you were wondering how huge I am at this point... :)


Katie said...

when i first looked at this post to see the changing table i thought it was VERY strange that you posted a picture of only half of it. and then i read the note before the pictures started. haha.

the nursery looks great! i love it and can't wait to see him in it!

AGH said...

yea, not sure why that happened... it looks like i'm making a weird attempt at going artsy with the nursery photos haha