full term

37 weeks today which means that little Grayson is officially considered to be full-term!  Today, I've felt a good bit of pressure and some tightening but nothing big obviously.  Still waiting.  I am ready for him to get here but I am also really glad to have some true free time.  For the past two hours, I have been here at the house... lounging, wrapping presents, watching t.v. (Clean House, to be specific haha), checking things on the internet, and just generally zoning out.  Normally, I would feel a little guilty for not doing anything while I am here by myself but since I know that soon it won't be an option, I am taking advantage of it.

I have pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done.  I already gave Paul his main present over a week ago -- it came so soon in the mail and I wanted to make sure he didn't want to exchange it -- but I have one more thing in mind for him that he mentioned he wanted that I need to go and check out tomorrow while he is working a little extra at CVS.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not... Paul is still working some at CVS.  On some of his days off from work and school he has been going in to get some hours and make some extra money.  I am so lucky to have a husband who is willing to work for a little extra cushioning before this baby comes even though we don't really need it.  He is the best.  So, I really want to get him a little something extra for all of his extra work for our little family.  

Now I just have a couple of small presents left to wrap.  I love wrapping presents

Anyway... that's all the update I've got in me.  My free time is calling me :)

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Anonymous said...

I keep checking this thinking that one of these times i'm gonna get on here and magically from the hospital you'll update it letting us all know you've popped and Grayson is finally here!