"80% and two to three" ... what?

Lots of news today:

On the work front (which you probably are not concerned about but I will update anyway), our principal is retiring a little early. She's an old family friend and I really love working for her so this will be a weird transition. Great for her but sad for us.

And on the baby front (which is probably what you really want to hear if you're checking this blog)... went to my appointment and like I said yesterday, wasn't expecting any news, but just hoping for a good report. But... this is what I heard: "yep, 80% and two to three!" (80% effaced/thinned and 2-3 cm dilated). So... could be any day or could be another week or so. (I know two people who have walked around dilated 2cm for at least a week.) Can you believe it? I'm having a hard time -- he is so close!

That's all... I'll post with any other news or updates. :)

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you guys have got to make sure i know when this happens! somehow!