This baby has the hiccups 1304032984 times a day now! Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating, but he is going at it for the third time today already. It's cute but I love it mostly because I know he's practicing to breathe for whenever he decides to make his debut.

My mom called me a little while ago because she saw one of my co-workers at the store. Apparently, she and several of the other teachers in my department at school did not even think I would be there yesterday because I appear to be "dropping" so much now! And they definitely think I am not going to make it through finals haha. While I have felt very differently over the past few days, I am trying not to anticipate his arrival too much. He is still two weeks away from technically being "full term" but if I were to go into labor today I am pretty sure my doctor would not stop it since his lungs are most likely almost done "baking."

(As far as work goes - a few people have asked me my feelings/worries about leaving work - I am ready to have this baby and wouldn't mind having a little pre-holiday time off. But I would also like to finish out this coming week and make sure that my students get a really good week of final exam review so they can hopefully do really well on the benchmark final and, of course, I'd like to get a little more planned for when I'm gone. Then, for my own obsessive sanity, I could be on leave knowing that everything is organized and ready to go for the long-term sub. I have gotten really crazy about everything being completely organized and planned for class -- the sub I had on Tuesday afternoon said I was the most organized teacher she's ever subbed for. I definitely don't feel that way most of the time, but it's good to hear knowing I'll be gone. In the beginning, I didn't think I would care too much who was going to be subbing for me long-term, but now I am really nervous about them having someone who will actually teach the lessons as I plan them or at least make sure they are learning while I'm gone. I've heard a few horror stories about coming back after a long-term sub and having to "pick up the pieces" and practically start over because nothing got done. Hopefully this is a rare-to-none circumstance and I have nothing to worry about, right? All I can do is trust that it will be okay... out of my control and once little G is here, I know it will be the one of my last concerns.)

Paul just got home and I'm feeling preeeetty uncomfortable so that's all for now. Maybe a less boring update soon. :)

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Anonymous said...

i can't believe he'll be coming any day now! (from the way it sounds)

how can you tell he's hicciping? this concept is very foreign to me