time is flying

I can't believe how fast the past few days have passed by... even though I have not done too much activity-wise time is really flying. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. (!!!!!) When did this happen?? I am anxious for Grayson's arrival but after reflecting on how fast the past few months have gone, I'm already sad that it will seem like 5 minutes and he'll be grown. Yes, yes, I know I'm jumping the gun on this one and shouldn't even be thinking that far ahead, but I almost got teary-eyed in the car today thinking about it. He's not even here yet and I want him to stay pint-sized and cuddly forever.

So... in case you didn't read that... no, Grayson is still not here. Everyday it seems like my body is giving me one more sign that he's almost here, but I have no idea how many more tricks it has up its sleeve. It is so hard to tell! I am still getting more and more Braxton Hicks. Last night I had a few more "painful" ones (I put that in quotes because I know I have no idea what pain is yet haha) but still nothing regular or strong. Tomorrow at 9am I have my next appointment with my favorite doctor in the practice (I have liked all of them but I play favorites with two... I really hope it is one of them on call when I deliver). So, if there is any news, I'll let you know...

Last night, we had Christmas dinner at Paul's mom's... the two of us, my parents, Paul's mom and stepdad and Emma and David. They are all crazy and ready for this little boy to show up. Got to talking about all the things we need to do to get him to hurry up. And they have decided that tonight we are going to Provino's for th eggplant parmesan. We know a couple who did this and went to the hospital that night. Not that I am expecting these results... I am pretty much convinced that nothing will make him come any sooner. Apparently, if you check into the hospital or give birth within 48 hours of your meal, they will comp it and put your picture on the wall or something? (A lot of people have had some success with this, I guess... but I have a feeling that they were already pretty close to delivery and just so desperate for it to be over that it just kind of coincided... I think I feel that way about most of the "natural ways to induce labor.") So... yea, while Paul is finishing at work tonight, that's what we'll be doing. Maybe I should not be so skeptical?

For the time being, I am going to brave the mall crowd with my mom so we can see gal pal Britt Britt on her last day at Nordstrom and before she goes to Asheville for holiday fun. Of course, speaking of Brittany reminds me... Abby will be in town soon!!! We haven't seen dear Baz since her wedding in August and I can't wait! Things are really not the same without your close friends there, that is for sure. On Brittany's birthday dinner night, I remember us driving in the car on the way to Atlantic Station and just saying how we wished Abby was here. And with G's arrival so close, I am sure he will either be here by the time she comes or will make his appearance during her visit, which makes it even more fun. And with retail crazyness being sort of over in a few weeks I am hoping to coax Katie into a trip down here once the little guy gets here and has a few weeks to adjust. I love all of my friends and especially miss the ones who do not live so close by.

Will update if/when there is news.

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