resolutions... so far

I've been mulling over plans for my resolutions this year... whether or not to make and take them step-by-step (maybe on a monthly basis?  or quarterly?) or just jump in and make them for the whole year.  And I've decided to take it step-by-step.  Pretty soon I will have a whole new version of "normal" in my life and I don't quite know what to expect yet.  So I'm going to start simple and make small and (some) silly resolutions for the month of January.  Then I can evaluate and adjust accordingly.

Here I go:

#1) Keep a pen with me at all times.  (Especially at work -- I too often find myself in conversations where I want to write something down, in the copy room and want to make a note, in the mailroom/front office and need to fill out a form.  And, even more, I need to keep one in my purse... I am sans pen almost everytime I really want/need one.)

#2) To supplement #1... keep a small notepad or blank piece of paper with me at all times.

#3) Keep closer tabs on my checking account.  I have been absolutely horrible about keeping up with how/where I'm swiping my debit card.  We certainly do not live beyond our means but I need to get serious about tracking my spending and setting up some sort of budget.  

#4) Going along with #3... Cut back on unnecessary spending/save more money.  I'm going to try to limit my spending on coffee drinks to meetings with friends and maybe a weekend treat.

#5) This is a work resolution: set up an organized and efficient system for documenting parent correspondence and FBA's.  Last semester, I did not document nearly as much as I should have and now I have this fear that it is going to come and bite me somehow.  I actually started and set this one up today.  

#6) Big one for Baby Hebert/family: breastfeeding.  If I get frustrated or it is not going well in the beginning, my resolution is to get help with it, keep trying and not give up for one month.  

#7) And probably my top resolution: keep some sort of date night/connection/romance time with Paul once G gets here, especially in that first month.  

Annnd that's where I'm gonna leave it for now... I wonder if I'm aiming too high for the first month of the year??

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