Today, I am starting to test the "babywearing" waters.  I've been reading some from the Sears' The Baby Book.  So far, I really love this book!  I haven't read very much past what I have questions about, but it is VERY informative and presented in a style that I appreciate.  I'm not a super fan of everything about "attachment parenting" but babywearing is one of their ideas that I am on board with.  Or that I at least want to try.  I got a sling carrier when I was with Brittany a few days ago but it was a little too snug so Paul and I exchanged it yesterday for the bigger one and it's great!  (Paul's mom came over to snuggle with G Baby and she watched him while we got out to do some errands.  Even though we were just getting some things done, it was SO nice to be out of the house and with Paul instead of by myself.)  Gray really loves to be held right now (I'm pretty sure all babies do) and while he is not fussy at all if I don't hold him, I want to be able to do that and share time with him while I get things done at the same time.

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Linda Thom said...

Babywearing IS truly awesome! Keeps baby close & safe AND allows for discreet breastfeeding wherever you are!

I got to meet Dr. Sears (Dr. BOB Sears) in person at a conference late last year. That family sure knows their stuff when it comes to babies!

If you want to see a photo I had taken with him, plus a few of my favorite babywearing stories (and photos), check out my website.