i know i should be napping but...

... I can't stop thinking about Aretha Franklin's hat!  Haha only kidding... sort of.  ;)  

The inauguration ceremony is beginning and I don't want to miss it even though a nap really does sound better.  Something tells me Grayson could care less.

From Baby Grayson

My dad came this morning and helped me take Grayson to the pediatrician for his weight check.  (The Dr. wanted to make sure he was gaining about an ounce a day until he reached his birth weight again.)  Grayson now weighs 9lbs 8oz!  This is a good weight gain (just over an ounce a day) so we don't have to go back until his one month appointment in February.  Now, I KNOW how lucky we are with G Baby.  He is not colicky (or at least he hasn't developed it yet if he's going to be), he really only cries when he is hungry and he is one of the healthiest-looking babies around.  Breastfeeding has not been too difficult, just exhausting on my part.  But he also takes well to the bottle and formula if we give it to him (which is rare).  But one family in the waiting room really made me realize again how lucky we are.  Their baby was a month premature and so colicky that at one point he was crying for 20 hours a day!  Yes, 20!  I cannot even imagine.  I am counting my blessings and just hoping that Grayson continues to be this good for us!  

I also know that my parents are awesome and have done a countless number of things for us over the past several months.  But seriously... my parents are the bomb!  Last week my mom came over and did laundry and put things away until she was just too tired to do any more.  All so I could relax and try to focus on Grayson.  She brought a few more things for him, more clothes in the 3-6 months size just in case he keeps growing like a weed and she even brought some things for me (it is very easy to forget about yourself).  My dad came, too, and helped a ton.  And today my dad came again to help me with taking G to the pediatrician's office (I'm not supposed to really lift that carrier just yet if I can help it) and my mom sent a care package for me with something I really wanted (I didn't tell her though so I'm not really sure how she knew) -- a momAgenda!  I know this is boring to most of you but I love it!  It's perfect!  Maybe even deserving of its own blog post in the future haha.  And it's even a pretty bronzy-brown color.  

When my dad and I got back from the pediatrician, he even went to the store and stocked us up on some groceries -- LOTS of fruit, raw veggies, yogurt, juice, bread, lunch meat, meat for dinner (yum), even a bottle of Diet Coke haha!  I am trying to keep my calories up enough so that I'm not losing weight quite so rapidly (never thought I'd hear myself say that).  I know a few of you are curious about the post-prego body -- I have lost 9 pounds in the last week since we have been home, leaving only 7 pounds left to go until my pre-pregnancy weight.  Though it is not distributed quite like it used to be (I still have a pooch going on but it is much smaller than I expected it to be), this has been great for my emotional state haha.  Obviously, I'm not sad to see the pounds go, but I want to maintain my energy and milk supply so I probably need to step up my calorie intake a little bit.  

It took me the whole ceremony to finish this post because my focus keeps drifting (that happened to me before but even more now since Gray has arrived).  So, somewhere between Aretha's hat and my new momAgenda we got a new Mr. President!

For my visual readers, here are my favorites from yesterday:

Clean and happy G baby (though not so happy during the process)
From Baby Grayson

Thinking about pooping on the papsan
From Baby Grayson

Cuddling with Carolyn (she came yesterday to help for a little while)
From Baby Grayson

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Anonymous said...

aretha's hat WAS worth mentioning! My office watched the inauguration together and there was a huge collective reaction