how many different ways can you say "pregnant?"

... I can think of a few: Prego. Preggers (I really hate this one). Knocked up. Bun in the oven. With child. In a family way (I hate this one, too). Expecting. And my STILL pregnant brain forgot the rest.

No new Hebert yet. Stilllll baking. Appointment tomorrow. It's the last one that they had me schedule. Fortunately, if I have not had this baby by tomorrow morning's appointment, they will probably go ahead and schedule me to be induced within the next week or so. They (as in the doctors at my practice) don't want me to go very many days past the due date and that is a-ok with me. I'm trying not to think about it (yea, right) but my due date is only four days away! The end is in sight! (Don't I tell myself that every day??)

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