what do you do with it?

Last night, Grayson's little umbilical stump fell off. Just wondering... what do you do with it?? I put it in an really small ziplock but I don't know... do people save them for the baby book? Does saving it seem creepy to you?

And, just for cuteness (minus me and my crazyness hair), look at my little coffee bean wrapped up in the baby k'tan:

This is how I'm getting things done today (vacuuming, laundry, etc.). And hopefully getting Gray baby to learn that this is daytime and nighttime is for sleeping :)


Kathy said...

i've heard of people saving them. I don't think its creepy.

Three Scobeys said...

I think my mom saved mine...I would just be scared that Bear would find it and eat it! Can you e-mail me your address? We have a little something for G.

The Gauntts said...

Honestly, I wouldn't save it! A little gross to me, but hey, if you really want to, go for it!

Tali said...

My name is Tali and I work for Baby K'tan. We stumbled upon your blog and just loved your pictures!

I was wondering if we could use one of your photos and quote your blog on the testimonials page of our website.

Please email me at tali@babyktan.com