still a duo

Still pregnant.  

Yesterday, I had to go back to work for a teacher work day.  Woke up at 6am with bad cramps, back pain and minor contractions.  Lasted pretty much all day but the back pain kept getting worse, my face kept getting REALLY hot and flushed, so I called to see if the doctor just wanted to check me and see if anything had changed.  On my way to the office and I get a call back saying to bring my bag and have someone drive me to labor and delivery "just in case."  The doctor's office is literally only hundreds of feet away from labor and delivery so this was really annoying.  I wish they would have just checked it out and sent me home from the office instead of keeping me in labor and delivery for hours.  Anyway... the minor news is that I'm in early labor BUT... like with most things in pregnancy, it is still unpredictable when anything bigger will happen.  This could last for... who knows how long.  I'm just SUPER uncomfortable and in pain but nothing crazy yet.  So... maybe soon, maybe another week... who knows. 

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