daddy daycare and a new mom's day out

Paul really wanted me to get out of the house today so I could just be in the fresh air and so he could spend some time with Gray. (I've been going out of my mind in this house for the past few days!) I showered, pumped, put him in a clean diaper, let Paul pick out his clothes (see below) and this is how they were set up when I left:

From Baby Grayson

From Baby Grayson

Very appropriate for a day with his dad, don't you think? :)

Before I left, I finally caught one of his little smiles on the camera:

So... since my husband was sweet enough to watch Gray and kick me out of the house, I ended up doing a few errands, did a little shopping since I'm going to have to slowly build up a new work wardrobe, took my car to the 3-minute wash and (finally) got pictures developed from the Gauntt family baby shower (they turned out pretty dark but I posted the best one below). I was going to do a couple more "Amanda-like" things (like creep at Borders for a while, maybe get a pedicure if I could get over paying for it right now, etc.) but I thought we were going to have visitors so I just came back after two hours and doing what I needed to. I missed Paul and Grayson when I was gone but it was really nice to even have a couple of hours alone.

My outing today made me realize what a Clark Howard I'm becoming when it comes to my clothes. Here is my wardrobe problem: I was pregnant when I started work so almost all of my work clothes are maternity. Obviously, I am going to need more work-appropriate clothes. But since my body has changed, I also need some every day/weekend clothes that fit. (This is really weird but my rear is actually smaller than it was pre-baby. No more ghetto booty. I missed it for about five seconds and then I got over it.) So anyway... my goal is to buy mostly, if not only, clothes that I can wear in both "work land" and home/family life. I didn't imagine it being difficult to shop for clothes but it was actually really hard! And I was even looking on the clearance racks! I finally decided on a shirt (only $8!) that fits my "either/or" goal, a gray cardigan (also easy on the wallet and suits the goal) with a little ruffle-age going on - just enough to make it cute and more fun than a normal cardigan but not frou-frou, and a pair of good wide leg jeans (we wear jeans and spirit wear on Fridays at work). So... if you happen to be out shopping for clothes somewhere and see some great deals that would also fit my work-life/everyday life goal and you happen to remember this post and think of me... pass it on!

Back to a baby land topic... here is the best picture that came out from the Gauntt family shower back in November :)
From misc.

Grayson will be two weeks old tomorrow, can you believe it?

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