sanity on the changing table

Grayson does NOT like being changed.  Really, he is fine until the second that cold wipe hits his bottom.  And I mean he really starts to lose his mind crying if it is taking even a second too long to change the diaper, use diaper rash cream and put a little petroleum jelly on his sensitive area (which we don't need to do anymore, thank goodness).  It is already cold outside and even with the heat on inside there is no denying the cold after your skin gets wet.

Well... Brittany came to Athens to see us and Grayson yesterday and helped me out by driving me to Target so I could get a few things.  At the top of my list?  This.  

Before G Baby, I thought wipe warmers were just a tad on the over-the-top-things-I-don't-need side of the spectrum.  But I confess that now I have seen the light.  Started using it last night and G is successfully NOT crying for most of his diaper change (and if he just finished eating... even better).  Plus, I think the warmth feels pretty good on the little diaper rash he's still got goin' and it sure is a heck of a lot faster and more convenient than waiting on the faucet water to heat up and then adjust the heat to warm up a washcloth.  Totally worth it if we will both be holding onto our sanity now.  :)  To my pregos... I would seriously recommend putting this on the registry.  And a bottle warmer (another one of those things I thought I didn't need because "Oh I can run it under the faucet" ... I don't know what I was thinking.  Oh wait, I was thinking.  I just didn't have a ferociously hungry baby in my hands.  Another big plus to the bottle warmer: it doubles as a sterilizer for pacifiers and bottle nipples.  Pretty sweet.)

I guess it's the little things.

And just because it's cute:

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Three Scobeys said...

I am having way too much fun (and laughing out loud a little too much) learning things through you!

Lindsay Grimes said...

I love all your updates! And that picture of G Baby is too precious...hysterical really! You got a real cutie there!