two weeks old

Our Grayson is two weeks old today!

From Baby Grayson

So weird to think how it all started here:

This week was filled with a lot of challenging days/nights for me. Mostly Thursday and Friday. Paul was basically gone for 48 hours straight between his 16 hour work shift Thursday and then staying late at school on Friday night. So I was mostly on my own with G Baby. My mom came and held, fed and watched Grayson on Thursday while I ran out to Target to do a few things and started on some laundry. And Emma came to keep me company during Grey's because I was SO tired and a little stressed out even by Thursday night because Grayson hasn't been sleeping as well at night. Once we finally get him down the first time he is usually okay but sometimes it takes an hour and a half or two hours to go through feeding, changing, soothing, probably feeding again and so on before he will fall asleep. Luckily, once he's down he's usually down for at least two hours, if not three (and on Friday night he was even out for four at one time!). On Friday those "baby blues" really started to creep up on me again because I was just so worn out and couldn't get a nap in. And even this morning I had a little emotional break because I am just feeling tired and sick, but Paul was there and let me cry it out on him haha. For selfish reasons, I really hope this two week mark means that we will be getting out of the house soon for some short "outings," especially while the weather is a little warmer.

But all of that said... I would still do it again for this little boy. Even when I am about to go crazy because I can't remember if I just fed him or changed his diaper or wait, did he just wake up from his nap? Or when I wonder if I've even eaten that day. He is worth it and I know that sometime soon (or at least eventually) we will have a more stable routine and after some time passes I will miss this cute and cuddly stage of baby land.

He's so cute he even pinches his own cheeks...
(Friday night, after my parents came to visit with the Thompsons. 12 days old.)
From Baby Grayson

I don't know if I ever posted about this but at my last appointment before I went into labor, the girl doing the ultrasound printed out this picture for me because she could see his huge cheeks even on the ultrasound haha! (It's pretty hard to tell on this one but you can see his big cheek in the top center of the photo.) What a chunky monkey :)

(If you've been waiting on that post about my sweet dad that I talked about last week... stay tuned, I've scheduled it to post later on tonight.)

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