mom brain

I should probably just go ahead and make Mom Brain a series on this blog because I can already feel it happening.  (I used to get distracted doing things around the house but this is a whole new level of distraction and forgetfulness.) Last night, I was trying to find G's socks (he kicked one off on the changing table and the other I don't know where).  I found one, got distracted doing I can't remember what and then continued my search... only to realize that I had already lost the first sock I found.  Tonight I was putting something away in the food cabinet and look what I found:

From little hebert family

It's pretty funny and I laughed but all I can say is... seriously?!  


Anonymous said...

i literally just laughed for 5 minutes!

although last week, my mom told me to look in the cabinet, so i did, and i found that for some reason i had put the grapefruit juice in there instead of in the fridge when i was getting a cup. the sock is way funnier though.

The Gauntts said...

That's hilarious! I used to be the most together person, not anymore! While it does get better, it still happens, I don't think it every goes away after children!