my dad

(two weeks old post below)

My dad is definitely one of the sweetest people I know. I love him. Paul loves him. My friends love him. (Brittany thinks he's the cutest/sweetest man and when she told him that at the hospital he just said, "I know I'm cute!" Haha!) He's sweet, considerate and enjoys hard work as much as he does relaxing afterwards. It's hard for me to imagine him as/doing anything but working hard and enjoying the simple things.

And he's a pretty great Grandpa. He calls every day to ask how we're treating his grandson. :)

Well... I very vaguely remember that my dad told me once or twice about the pet monkey, Mary Ann (I think that's right), he and his friends had in Vietnam. I always assumed he was kind of joking or there was more to the story, so I was a little surprised when his good friend and "Georgia boy," Wendell, emailed him a few pictures. He wanted us to have them so Grayson could see his Grandpa and "Uncle Grandpa" (Wendell) during their more youthful days. My dad forwarded the email to my account and I just had to smile when this is what I saw:

Wendell and my dad. Look at my dad! He looks almost the same!

And the proof that there really was a Mary Ann! So funny. (I've heard those monkeys are MEAN, though. I haven't asked Mary Ann.)

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